Recording Various Videos from an iPad Screen with Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac

by Kevin on February 27, 2017

Do you enjoy watching videos on that sharp and crisp retina iPad screen? Not only is it convenient to be able to carry around your iPad and watch videos whenever you want to, but the quality is so good that you may even only ever want to watch videos on your iPad.

If you come across a video that you feel you want to save, such as a particularly useful tutorial or a humorous online streaming video – that can be an issue. Although you may just want to save it so that you can watch it offline when your iPad isn’t connected to the internet, the fact of the matter is that most online streaming video platforms don’t give you that option.

Assuming you have a Mac and the standard lightning-to-USB cable handy however, you can easily record and save various videos directly from your iPad screen with Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac. To get stated and use it as an iPad screen recorder all you need to do is set the recording parameters by following these steps:

  1. Launch Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac and select ‘Record Screencast’.
  2. Use the lightning-to-USB cable to connect your Mac to your iPad and wait for a green check mark to appear on the mobile device icon – indicating the connection was successful.
  3. Expand the ‘Capture Area’ list and find your iPad then choose whether you want to record its screen in portrait or landscape.
  4. To record audio from your iPad, make sure there is a green check mark on the ‘System Audio’ icon, or click it once if not.
  5. Click ‘REC’ when you are ready to start recording after a 5 second delay and play the video on your iPad at the same time.
  6. Click ‘Stop’ when the recording is done, and ‘Save as’ to save it.

While that should take care of everything you need to do to record videos from your iPad – there is much more that you can do with Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac. Not only is it a screen recorder, but it also has video editing features that you can use to cut and join video segments, improve the video quality, insert animated transitions, include background music, and much more.

With the help of these features you will be able to tweak and improve your video, or even produce professional and high quality videos of your own. Rest assured Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac will make it easy for you to apply any feature you require, and all you need to do is spend a minute or two experimenting and getting a feel for it.

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