The rise of live gameplay

by Kevin on August 1, 2017

The rise of live gameplay is largely down to the huge advances in online gaming, however, when the latter first began to enjoy a surge of growth, few believed it would be able to influence online gambling as much as it has. This is largely down to many holding the belief that virtual gaming was unable to recreate the social element of casino gaming. How wrong they were!

Nowadays, online casinos are huge and attract millions of avid gamblers worldwide who can play their favourite games whenever and wherever they like. New casino sites like Sloty are popping up and what’s better, they don’t have to miss out on the social elements as live gameplay allows players to interact with live dealers from real life casinos whilst also chatting with other real life players.

This has helped to rid doubts surrounding whether it could replicate real-time gameplay as the subtle yet necessary distinctions of games sich as roulette and casino were thought to be hard to capture in a virtual environment. However, not to be beaten, developers and mobile platforms have been able to tackle the issues surrounding the thrill of live, real-money wagering making for brilliant online casino experiences.

Over the past year and a half, there has been an incredible rise of the live casino and real-time gaming has been truly introduced. Call of Duty players have long being to enjoy their game within a live, online community and as such, avid gamblers are now able to enter real-time tournaments and play alongside other players for huge stakes.

Live casino tournaments are growing increasingly realistic, offering a genuine authentic experience to players. Developers have been able to do this with modern technology, using it to deliver live gameplay within an immersive casino environment. As such, this has enhanced dealer interaction, rivalling that from any land-based casino, whether it be on the Vegas Strip, amongst the glam on Monte Carlo and even your local highstreets.

Furthermore, developers have worked tirelessly to improve the realism of single games, e.g. replicating the pace of experiences like roulette in a virtual setting. Now, online roulette operators tend to offer players two spins per minute. Changes like this may seem small but they subtle changes like this go a long way in improving the overall experience, attracting more players and further causing live gameplay to rise.

The advance of virtual and augmented reality is also having an untold effect on the online marketplace and live gameplay is set to explode as it reaches a whole new level. Virtual gameplay already offers a compelling experience for all types of gamers and the use of VR will undoubtedly help to close the last of the gap between land based and virtual gaming, offering the best of both worlds to players.  

Online and mobile platforms have definitely worked hard to get live gameplay in the position it is today and have enjoyed huge success as a result of doing so. Live gameplay offers players a more authentic experience and is big business.

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