Rock Climb Like Geckos with Stellio

by Jeremiah on December 28, 2014

Stellio Rock Climb Gecko Style

Sometimes the craziest ideas come from the simplest places. Nature itself. The Stellio is the conception of designer Anupreeta Agate from Pune, India, as a part of her form course. It is a rock-climbing aid that simply sticks to vertical surfaces the same way the gecko feet do, with microscopic hair. To use it, you simply hook it to a carabiner and you’re set. The idea is that it would hold your body weight and you can stick and unstick it at will.

We really would love to see this come to fruition, although the idea itself seems still far-fetched from our current technological feats. However we will admit that she does have an eye for good design.


Stellio Rock Climb Gecko Style

Stellio Rock Climb Gecko Style

Stellio Rock Climb Gecko Style

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