Save $70k+ A Year On Expenses Through Technology

by Jeremiah on May 25, 2017

Do More And Spend Less

You’re going to need capital to properly expand your business; the more the better. But capital is hard to come by, and when you’re deep in debt, really you’re just defraying eventual bankruptcy. Certainly you can defray it a long time, but making money isn’t the same as making profit. The key is getting out from under debt’s thumb. Tech can help.

Today, you can cut your energy expenses down to essentially nothing. You can additionally reach thousands with only a few hours’ work, and obtain better leads. On top of that, you can totally excise on-site data centers and their expense while retaining the functionality they previously made available.

Mobile apps additionally provide your clients continual cognizance of your operations, meaning you can substantively increase sales and reach. All these things combine to reduce your debt, increase your capital, and propel you into a realm of profitability many businesses never see.

Your first five years will be the toughest, make it ten and you may just become an institution. Following is a quick roadmap to saving several hundred thousand dollars in that time, and it starts with owning rather than renting, and simultaneously utilizing modern energy solutions to curtail utility expenses.

The Breakdown

You can build a prefabricated steel building for between $16 and $100 per square foot, meaning for a 2,000 square-foot building, your maximum expense is $200,000. You can own the land it sits on for less than $50k in most states, while simultaneously installing wind, solar, and water turbine energy to the tune of about $15k and 9.3 kWh.

Spend $35k on interior and exterior beatification solutions, for $300k you’ve got a property worth much more than that, and you’ve spent about what you would have renting an office downtown. Good luck finding 2,000 square feet of office space for less than $5k a month. In five years, you’d have spent exactly as much as outlined here.

Next, if you use cloud computing technology, you can save thousands on technology infrastructure. Instead of a $30k a year data center, you can get twice the utility through the cloud for $1k a month or less—and you don’t have to induct an entirely new team of IT professionals to operate it. Plus, cloud computing offers many extremely useful apps.

With social media marketing and SEO, you can reach millions without even having to utilize a marketing agency. Consider social media like, where less than an hour a day can bring over 40,000 views to an individual account in a month. Market right, and that hour more than pays for itself. Get a team on it, you can see excellent ROI.

Going Mobile

Next, you want an application for mobile phones and tablets. This will cost you a bit, but it’s quickly becoming a regularly expected feature of modern business. The application can send out updates automatically, and continuously engage your target market, organically facilitating the spread of your business while non-obtrusively marketing.

You’ve got to be sure you properly monitor your application, though; there will always be bugs of some variety trying to gum up the works. There’s no real “beta” testing with many small to medium-sized business apps, so properly logging activity is the best way to keep everything working as it should.

Java logging practices found on the Stackify blog provide top-notch technical advice; as points out: “There are lots of Java logging frameworks and libraries out there, and most developers use one or more of them every day. Two of the most common examples for Java developers are Log4j and Logback.”

Between mobile apps, SEO, SMO, cloud computing, cost-effective building, and sustainable energy which cuts out your utility bill, you can excise $70k a year or more from operational expenses in the first five alone. Definitely food for thought.

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