Slot Smarter with Proactive Strategies

by Kevin on September 1, 2015

Pharaoh Slot

There is a common misconception going around, which has been brought to light as online casino games took off in the last couple of years. A belief that playing slots require no skill at all, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Given that the skill involved in the game isn’t glaringly obvious, it has a firm foundation and is apparent to those that manage to understand the mechanics of the game well.

Slot smarter by understanding the following mechanics of the game and develop proactive strategies to maximize your winnings.

Paylines Matter
Most modern slots you’ll come across have dozens of paylines. Most people are inclined towards limiting the paylines they play with by selecting 20 or 30 out of the maximum paylines available which can go up to 50 in some games.

While it is ineffective to decrease your bet amount, slot experts consider it a huge mistake. Dropping paylines in this manner limits the game play, disabling the scatter symbols and bonus features. The result? Your payout will drop significantly. If your aim is to reduce the bet size, just lower the value of coins you play with rather than sacrificing the paylines.

Swings and Volatility
For your information, volatility doesn’t affect the payout rate in the long run. However, note that it does have the potential to create some sever swings. If one of these swings manage to take out your total bankroll, then getting the chance to benefit from the next upswing for big winning are pretty slim.

If the game you’re playing is highly volatile, compensate accordingly by reducing your bet amount. This way you will lower the size of the swing relative to the total amount you have available in the bank. This will make it less likely to be wiped clean with a single instance of bad luck.

Tracking Progressive Jackpot
One of the primary motivations of people that play and enjoy video slots is that they love the thrill of chasing massive progressive jackpot. If you want to win the biggest jackpot possible you are going to need a tracking strategy.

Start by listing all your favorite slot games that offer a progressive jackpot. Limit the list between six and ten games, now for each of the titles listed, note down the starting values for top progressive jackpots. Should a game have multiple progressive jackpots, select and focus on the largest one. This way you will be able to better evaluate which tittles you should play.

Use the Progressive Chart
You’ll be using these charts when starting your slotting sessions. Using the list you’ve created select the one game that has the highest starting jackpot value. For instance, game X has the starting value of $50,000 and is currently valued at $200,000. On the other hand the game Y starts at $100,000 but is valued at $250,000. Game X is better than game Y, as it is five times its starting value while Y is only about two and half.

There are a slew of slot games out there, pick the ones according to the criteria mentioned above. If you want to have the best possible chance at winning the jackpot, you will need to find some of the best online casino games.

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