Software Development Trends to Watch in 2017

by Kevin on November 28, 2016

The software development industry continues to evolve, and with advancements rampant in every sector of the development world, companies must stay abreast of all the recent changes to everyday practices. With 2017 quickly approaching, make sure you stay on top of expected and continuing software development trends to keep your business at the forefront of the latest technology.

Containers are King

Containers were huge in 2016, and this trend isn’t going away in the next year. Within a container, a developer can define and specify everything required to run their service or application. That blueprint can then be used to make duplicates whenever needed, or it can be shared easily with others on the development team. Containers are quick and easy to use, making your development process more practical and efficient.

Cloud Computing Potential

Big Data was more important than ever this past year, and companies continue to look towards cloud computing for future processes. It’s powerful enough to process massive sets of data by allowing your company access to an unlimited amount of servers. You can also virtualize within any development platform or external server, which can expedite the branching and merger of code. A report from Cisco found that over 83 percent of all data center traffic will be based within the cloud during the next three years. While cloud computing challenges remain a true concern (think security breaches, automation, and legacy applications) there are numerous benefits to be gleaned from the switch.

Increasingly Globalized Development Teams

One of the ever-increasing trends seen in the software development industry is the continued globalization of the development workforce. Outsourcing isn’t new, but many companies, from the smallest businesses to the largest corporations, have seen the opportunities provided by freelance remote workers and teams. Beyond the obvious cost benefits of outsourcing instead of hiring in-house, companies have been increasingly using freelancers and overseas developers due to advancements in software. There are numerous ways to keep in contact with remote employees; from video conferencing options that make it simple to communicate your goals to tools for automated software testing that will maintain quality and prevent expensive reworks, collaborative technology continues to make it easier to hire a workforce on a global scale.

Security is Paramount

As technology becomes more advanced, so too do hackers. Take a look at the headlines from the past year; numerous large-scale hacks in some of the most popular companies in the world have cost businesses millions and discouraged shoppers. From Target to Amazon Kindle credentials, millions of consumers and businesses have been impacted by security breaches. With cyber risk at an all-time high, the need for innovative, sophisticated security solutions has never been more apparent. Companies must return to the basics; planning out procedures, following processes and encouraging awareness are the mainstays of a more secure software service. Advanced analytics and real-time monitoring have made it easier for companies to respond to threats and actual breaches with immediacy. While phishing isn’t new, companies have become more vigilant with tracking email output and responding to consumer concerns. Information security is always changing, and companies are tasked with remaining abreast of the trends in order to ensure their sensitive business information and the information of their clients and consumers are kept safe.

Mobile Web Applications

You’ve heard it before but we’ll say it again: mobile is king. If you’ve come up with an ingenious idea for mobile content – don’t waste precious time and capital creating separate versions for every platform. Build a single HTML app using Altova and place it on a single website, which can then run on all platforms. Many companies have found that this is a much more efficient way to compete with native applications, and this trend is likely to increase in upcoming years.

Expect software development trends to follow the aforementioned trajectories this upcoming year and ensure your business is prepared to handle any and all advancements in the industry.

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