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The online environment yields great opportunities for freelancers and independent contractors, as well as for small and medium-sized businesses. Regardless of where they live, professionals from all over the world can seek each other out and collaborate. It is common knowledge that teamwork always delivers superior results because each team member contributes her/his own unique skills to the project. In web design, the online collaboration between two or more professionals is a powerful force.

The most basic example is that of a developer and a designer who join forces. While the former is a wiz of HTML coding, the latter lives and breathes visual creativity. Together, they launch beautiful websites. But even when more web designers come together with their unique styles, it makes a lot of difference. The larger the team, the more experience is shared – and everyone wins. Besides, the delivery time of a project gets significantly shorter with all hands on deck.

The key to doing a good job is to organize, and for this purpose Comindware is the ideal project management software of your business. With it, not only do you plan and then execute a process, but you easily control and manage it every step of the way. If you already use a similar service, then you’ll be interested to learn that what makes this tool so special is its adaptability.

In the real world, when we set up a business project, a lot of things don’t go according to plan – from allocation of resources, to unforeseen third-party complications like a distributor who fails to deliver something on time. Most management tools fail to take these flukes into account. They just tell you to set the parameters of a project in the beginning, and then generate an automatic scenario. If you want to make a change in an ongoing project, odds are the whole thing will give you a headache.

Comindware Project can run straight from MS Outlook, and it enables you to modify any process scheme during its execution. A visual Work Breakdown Structure allows you to drag-and-drop assigned tasks and set an initial priority, but you’re free to add any other detail on the way.


The software will start planning your project automatically, by drawing on those priorities – which spares you the effort of doing so manually. But wait, there’s more. A Real-time Gantt-chart automatically recalculates your project plan in real time by observing the progress of task completion in relation to their due dates.


Communication between team players is also bolstered by this proficient tool. Comindware Team Network as a whole permits you to set up a company directory and organizational chart, as well as it helps you manage documents and organize private or group-based rooms – for discussions that are vital to the well-being of your project.



Last but not least, it’s also very easy to keep everyone within the team constantly motivated by granting monthly and yearly awards for their work. Take my advice and work with this empowering software starting today. Try out Comindware!

It’s good to know that we live in a day and age where technology is increasingly making our lives safer. When you’re out on the road, OnStar keeps you ready for anything with services like Stolen Vehicle Assistance and Automatic Crash Response. OnStar is a powerful built-in technology available in most GM vehicles that connects drivers to a real person, 24/7. OnStar can help out with almost any situation on the road, whether it’s a crash, medical emergency, or even a flat tire.

OnStar has many innovations, including a smartphone app that connects drivers to their vehicles. The OnStar RemoteLink Mobile App lets car owners control their vehicles from just about anywhere. When installed, the app allows drivers to do things like lock the doors, check on fuel levels, or even start the engine.

Visit to see the incredible OnStar features that are available.

My friends and I are always coming up with different business ideas and we always get stuck at the part where we have to build our website. The code requirement is always a drag for everyone else other than programmers. Web designers are way too expensive these days and so are programmers, so we end up giving up on our ideas. Lucky for everyone, things are moving in the right direction for once. Coding is no longer necessary and the new web builders out there are making the web easier than ever.


With IM Creator, you can get a free portfolio website for your business whether you’re a photographer, a web designer a graphic editor – and the list can go on. You won’t be needing neither programmers nor designers anymore, and you will be saving up a lot of time, because having your web site up only takes a few minutes. I will tell you how IM Creator works so you won’t have to take my word for it.


First, you browse through a wide variety of templates and choose the one that best represents your business. You have plenty of options here. Then you go to the dashboard and with the help of the menu from the top bar you can add pieces to your puzzle, such as colors, shapes, sizes, transparency by dragging and dropping elements on the work board. You can add images in slideshows or galleries and if you want to go pro, you can use the HTML widget. The best part is that you don’t need to register for all of this. The site is pretty intuitive, but just in case you have problems, there’s video guide, a PDF tutorial, a FAQ section, step by step walkthroughs and a forum. If you’re on to something fancy and you need something specific, you can contact their support team of professional designers and they will help you out.


After you’ve finished designing your site, you can get hosting from IM Creator too. It’s convenient to get hosting in the same place to save the hassle of looking somewhere else. There is a free package, but that will not allow you to have a personalized custom domain, and the storage options as well as other features are too limited. But the hosting prices for the better versions are really affordable starting at $5.95 per month, especially if you consider that you get to design your website for free. Give it a try and see how it goes.





Techi: The Unified Platform For Tech and Media News

by Jeremiah on October 30, 2013

If you’re like me, then every morning as you drink your coffee you also try to use that time to stay in touch with the latest happenings in the world. The Daily Telegraph, TechCrunch, and The Next Web are probably some of the first ideas that cross your mind as you log on the internet. By the time breakfast is over, you haven’t even made it halfway through the stories from the Technology section of all those sources.

Techi has the potential to satisfy all the inquiring minds and to quench every Web designer or Web developer’s hunger for information. It’s a good idea to place Techi in your bookmarks, but it’s an even greater idea to subscribe to its newsletter, because this stellar service rounds up headlines from all the major sources so that you no longer have to engage in a daily odyssey for brand-new technology, media, and design topics to satisfy your curiosity.


If you navigate to Techi’s homepage, you’ll see what it’s all about. Basically, Techi is a platform to which only the best and most relevant news from the tech world make it. These stories are attentively extracted from the vast expanse of the internet the minute they appear and summarized in snippets, so that readers can preview the featured article, review, or piece of news before redirecting towards the full text.

What is more, Techi also publishes exclusive articles written by their own skillful contributors. The exclusive stories aren’t part of another setting, but converge with the non-exclusive content to enrich specific centers of interest, such as software, hardware, politics, and lifestyle. The most popular stories coming from both planes of origin can be filtered and displayed separately.


Techi’s newsletter takes all the main events of one day and delivers them at your doorstep in an email. Thus, you end up saving a lot of time, and you’re left with a reliable means of keeping track of all aspects surrounding the modern world’s development.

Electronics Engineering Books for Free

by Isaiah on October 25, 2013


With all the talk about gadgets and consumer electronics, one may wonder how the technology come about. Enter electronics engineering. contains tons of titles on electronic and communication engineering for free, so you can keep up with the behind the scenes and understand how things work. This ultimate web-based library offers thousands of free books to read for free online, and it contains other categories as well like arts, business, computers, family, food, gadgets, health, law, medicine, professionals, reference, science and sports. No longer you have to be in the dark and depend on big businesses to make you stuff, you can start the drawing board and get into gadget design yourself too.

Sanko HESPK34A Rotary Lightning Cradle Speaker

by Isaiah on October 3, 2013


Sanko is bringing you their latest Rotary Lightning Cradle Speaker, the HESPK34A. Designed specifically for iPhone 5/5S/5C and iPad (4th generation), this USB-powered device is equipped with a Lightning dock connector, a USB port and an SD card slot on the front panel, an adjustable 90-degree rotating stand and two built-in 3W stereo speakers. The HESPK34A retails for 5,980 Yen (about $60). [Product Page]

3 Gadgets That Assist In Business Growth

by Jeremiah on September 27, 2013

Whether you’re a startup, a small business or a large corporation, you need technology to gain leverage in the industry and increase productivity within your workforce. 2013 saw the launch of several new gadgets, many of which can take your business forward.

Most of the gadgets will provide an ideal framework for business growth. They will also play a major role in quality control and customer satisfaction. Clients won’t hesitate to write negative reviews when they aren’t happy – especially when your employees use old equipment that causes the customer to have a negative experience. reviews aspects of different review sites and revealed that comments or reviews posted on consumer review sites are taken very seriously. By viewing reviews and seeing customers’ feedback regarding your business, you can look for specific gadgets to improve your customer service and product quality. Incorporating the use of gadgets across the company will be a positive step – and could expand your exposure through word-of-mouth.

Best gadgets for growing your business

1. Epson PX830WD review
This printer has everything that’s required in a business setting – fax, scanner, photocopy and print. It comes with 4,800×4,800dpi resolution and products find detailed prints. The auto-document feeder allows multi-documents to be scanned quickly. You can expect a copy in 15-20 seconds and it will be very close to the original image in terms of quality.

It’s quite fast when it comes to printing graphics, so it would provide a seamless experience when you’re printing business presentations. The large touchscreen at the front of the printer keeps you informed about the running process. Apart from all the office capabilities, Epson PX830WD also features built-in Wi-Fi, so you can take advantage of wireless printing from an iOS or Android device. Epson apps are free for both the platforms.

2. Synology DiskStation DS212j NAS
This NAS server device is one of the handiest business gadgets as it can back up all your important files. The backed up files and media can be connected to a range of devices including consoles such as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

There are USB ports at the back of the Synology DiskStation and any USB device plugged in immediately shows up in the form of folders. It’s essentially a cloud storage media device and it also grants you access on Android, iPad and iPhone through DS File and other apps.

3. Gyration Air Mouse
Gyration Air Mouse comes with built-in motion sensing technology that allows you to use this gadget in the air rather than being limited to use on the table. This will come in handy during business meetings and presentations when hand movements are usually required to elaborate your point.

You can change screens, browse the web, switch between media content, highlight text, zoom in and zoom out while using the mouse in the air. It can be used from 100 feet away without any lags. Gyration Air Mouse is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Creating the Perfect Home Cinema

by Jeremiah on July 19, 2013

There is nothing better than relaxing with a good film in the comfort of your own home. It doesn’t matter if you’re an action fanatic or rom com lover, as long you have a good quality cinema setup that’s all that matters. Having a good setup can seriously transform your viewing experience. Below is some advice that will put you well on your way to home cinema heaven.

If someone was to ask you what is the most important part of a home cinema setup? The chances are you would probably say the TV, but you would be wrong. The most important part of the home cinema setup is the seating. You can have the best TV in the world but watching it sat on a cardboard box wouldn’t be very enjoyable. It is therefore important to get some comfy seating to keep you cozy on those stay at home film days. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lazy boy with a fridge built in or a leather sofa, as long as its comfy and its works for you that’s all that matters.

To be far it wouldn’t be much of a home cinema system without a TV. Selecting a TV these days can be a bit of a tricky task with so many different options available. Some people may argue that size doesn’t matter, but it does, especially when choosing your TV. You are creating a home cinema system therefore the bigger the better. With the major advances in technology, TV’s are way more advanced and allow you to do more with them. This means you could have a TV with features such as internet access, 3D capability and social media integration. To be honest your TV choice all comes down to your personal requirements. It would be recommended to shop around and read as many reviews as possible to make sure what you are buying is quality.

TV’s do come with great sound quality these days, but a home cinema system would be the same without a good quality sound system. Having good surround sound will make you feel like you are in a real cinema. It helps to heighten the viewing experience and it can even make you feel as though you are in the film itself. It is always best to place the speakers around the room in order to get the full benefit of their capability. One great tip that people often miss is by using an AV amplifier & receivers available at Superfi. This is like the brains of your sound system and is responsible for delivering surround sound to the speakers. This really is a must have to complete your home cinema sound system.

A home cinema set up wouldn’t be complete without additional extras. This can come in many different forms such as games consoles, headphones, and IPod docks available at Superfi. Also you are going to need a good quality stand to hold all this valuable equipment. Don’t just settle on a cheap stand, you want a good quality one that can house multiple pieces of equipment. Having a good home cinema set up can really transform your viewing experience. Why pay to go to the cinema when you have the world’s greatest one in your very own home.

Your Child and eReaders

by Jeremiah on June 30, 2013

Parents are faced with more than what to name their babies, how to dress them, what school they should attend, and what to make for dinner. Thanks to new technology, the decision of whether or not to buy their child the newest gadgets on the market pervades their parenting choices daily. One of those new technological breakthroughs, the eReader for electronic books, can be a good choice for parents and children. Some people feel kids don’t need that type of technology at a young age, but a growing number of people see a need for it. There are many benefits to having an eReader for children.

Traveling Library
All parents know that bringing books along for your child on trips is important. With regular books you or your child can only carry so many at a time before you run out of room in your bag. With eBooks, though, you now have hundreds of titles right at your fingertips in a slim, compact, lightweight device. If our child becomes bored of one book they are reading, they can easily swap to another. They may finish one book, and can choose from another all in the same device without having to lug around a bunch of books.

Learning Features
One positive aspect to owning an eReader is that they interact with your child as they read. This is great for kids of all ages as it helps to build reading and reasoning skills. Children that are just learning to read can get help in sounding out words, they stay engaged, and the lights and sounds that accompany the stories are entertaining and teach hand-eye coordination. Older kids get the benefit of learning new things about books they love. For instance, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid eBook has been very popular and the eReader has a version that gives behind-the-scenes looks of the making of the movie. Plus, it tells your child more about the book and characters they love.

Teaches Computer Skills
Part of the learning features of eReaders is that they can teach computer skills, too, which is something your child will need to know. If your child is reading an eBook and he or she wants to know anything about the book, save a page, select an excerpt, or share something from the book, they will be learning computer skills each time they use these features.

It lasts
Any parent can testify that it won’t take long and regular books are pretty much done for thanks to slobber, torn pages, colorings in the book, and just simple wear and tear. Regular books are also hard to clean, so they can spread germs among younger kids that may put them in their mouths. If your child shares the book, you may never get it back. Lost and damaged books can be avoided by eReaders, which make it easy to read, re-read, and share books often.

There are benefits to buying your child an eReader. These devices are becoming quite popular, and some classrooms are even using them. They can teach computer skills, teach your child new things about old favorite books, and they last longer than paper books.


Using the Wi-Fi system is by far the most popular way of surfing the internet. And why not when sitting at any place within the range of connection you can work with amazing speed. But what happens when you really do not have access to your internet, and you are on the move? Will you restrict yourself not using the internet anymore? All you need knowing how to use your cell phone as a hotspot and connecting it with your computer and travel smartly with your mobile gear. Following these steps you can turn your cell phone into a WiFi hotspot.

And if you are planning to buy new phone for better features and fast internet services, don’t dump your old phone in the trash can. Instead, recycle it to save resources and earn money for it. Many Organizations in the United States such as Pacebutler are at the leading edge of the cell phone recycling industry in America which buys consumer old phones and recycles it. You can read more to know about this veteran organization and its proven method for re-selling and recycling used cell phones.

Using Android Phones

  1. Go to the PdaNet site and download specific software into your computer. This software will allow you get connected to your computer with your cell phone. Here, the Wi-Fi hotspot –the cell phone- will be connecting to the internet with a Bluetooth.
  2. Using your android device, go to the Settings—-> Wireless and network—>Bluetooth settings and then to “Bluetooth” so that your android is discovered. Now green check on the button beside the “Bluetooth” option. Now in your computer choose “Bluetooth” so that you may see it and go to the option “Dial up Network”. Enter any number like 123 for the dial-up number.
  3. Now get the app PdaNet on your computer from the android market. As soon as you run this on your device you will notice it in the app folder and this app will now allow your cell phone to be transformed as your hotspot.
  4. Go to the PdaNet app, choose the option “Enable Bluetooth DUN” and select “Yes”. Now follow the instructions that come up. Now your device has been recognized by your computer, and this is how you have access to the internet with your Bluetooth.
  5. Now for your internet connection the speed will be directly proportional to the network that you have on your android device. Edge or 4G is the best way to get connected because it offers a lot of signal strength and speed.

Using Blackberry Phones

  1. The very first step will be downloading the driver Blackberry Desktop on your computer. This will let the PdaNet software to run your Blackberry as a hotspot and connect with a Bluetooth.
  2. Go to options, select “Bluetooth” option in your Blackberry and now enable the features of Bluetooth. Choose “Options”, go down to where it shows “Dial up Networking” and then uncheck this option. Again go to the “Bluetooth” settings in your computer and now choose the option “Dial up networking”. Enter 123 when a window prompts for entering the number.
  3. Download this app called the PdaNet. Your BlackBerry must be on the Android 4.2 OS or advanced and now run the app on your device. After this select “Enable Bluetooth DUN.”
  4. Now go to the internet browser, and your speed of the internet will be same as your connection on the mobile.

Using an iPhone

  1. Go to the Windows menu (in case of Windows OS) on the systems preferences (in case you have a Mac OS) so that your Bluetooth may connect your mobile to the computer via internet.
  2. Choose “Internet Tethering” at the iPhone “Settings” option and follow the pop up messages that instruct. As soon as you have connected via Bluetooth you will see the option called “Now Discoverable.”
  3. Choose “Use Device as a Network Port” in the iPhone settings and now choose “Add a New Bluetooth Device” in the Bluetooth settings of your computer.
  4. Now go to the “Wireless iAP” icon and let the two devices get connected as soon as you are done the option-”Internet Tethering.”