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Happy Christmas

by Jeremiah on December 25, 2006

Happy Christmas from TechFresh

Hey guys thanks for supporting TechFresh this year and we hope you have an awesome Christmas and a kick ass time with friends and family! 🙂

Google Will Buy YouTube?

by Johan on October 6, 2006

Google Will Buy YouTube

According to The Wall Street Journal, Google is in talks to buy a famous video sharing website, YouTube, for US$1.6 billion. A purchase of YouTube could give a big boost to the online video efforts of Google. YouTube commanded 46% of visits to U.S. online video sites in August, according to market research firm Hitwise. That compared to a 23% share for the video activities of News Corp.’s MySpace social-networking site, and 10% for Google Video. This rumor has not yet been confirmed by either Google or YouTube.

Wall Street Journal via DigitalSurgery.

Ass Kissing

by Jeremiah on September 30, 2006


I.. oops I mean we at would like to apologize for the lack of freshness and silliness around here for the last couple of months and a half. We know, we know, there’s a lot of ass kicking to be done around here and we need to re-line up our bloggers (and fire the sucky ones). The good news is that we at management have noticed this matter and we’re working on it ASAP. We’ll be hiring a copywriter to make sure we’re doing a damn good job at amusing informing you lovely people with the latest tech and gadget news from around the universe web (we have yet to gain access to alien technology). We will also be redesigning the layout in the next month or two, hopefully before Christmas so we will have mistletoes around for you to kiss under. So please stick with us, stay tuned and keep bringing your friends over for a cup of java.

If you need some divine intervention or if you simply have comments or suggestions you’d like to share with us you can contact me directly at jerrrm[at]gmail[dot]com.

Thank you for your patience and loyalty. We love you all.

ShopWiki To Pay For Video Reviews

by Johan on July 15, 2006


ShopWiki will spend $25,000 to purchase video reviews. Moreover, they will pay $50 to the 500 first approved video reviews of any products which are available through their website. I think this is a good idea to increase the website’s traffic. You just need to make a list of all your gadgets, and then go to ShopWiki to make sure that your product is available on the website. If you find your product on the website, you can start reviewing it. ShopWiki will pay you through Paypal. Oh yeah, they are real. Visit ShopWiki for more details.

Via OhGizmo.

Verizon Airfone Stops Service On Planes

by Johan on June 25, 2006

Verizon Airfone Stops Service On Planes

Verizon Airfone will close down its service on planes by end of this year after offering seatback phone service for over two decades. Unfortunately, the Airfone’s 140 employees fate are uncertain because the company explores a possible sale of the commercial airline portion of its business. Jim Pilcher, director of marketing for Airfone said that the decision is based on Verizon Communications’ strategy to focus on its core business, which is broadband, wireline and wireless. Read more details at MSNBC.