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Samsung Blu-ray Disc Writer

by Alexander on March 19, 2006

Samsung Blu-ray Disc Writer
You can read The Register’s review of the Samsung SH-B022 Blu-ray Disc Writer. If you’re not familiar with Blu-ray yet, it’s the disc format that allows you to burn 25 GigaBytes on a single Disc. The estimated price for the Samsung SH-B022 should be between $800-900 US and will release later this year. Info via Gizmodo.

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Windows Runs on New Intel Macs

by FreshEffect on March 16, 2006


A programmer named Blanka has produced a video showing Windows XP running natively on a new Intel-powered iMac, thus winning a $13,854 prize. The iMac was dual-bootable, offering the choice of Windows or Mac OS at startup – you can find the video over at Engadget.

RAZER Keyboard with iPod Dock

by FreshEffect on March 16, 2006


RAZER, is known for their gaming mouses, will soon release a new keyboard with an iPod dock. All the standard features – such as programmable keys and USB 2.0 connectivity – should be there. It’s just as functional for work or play and will be priced at around $99. No word yet on availability.

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