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Rock Climb Like Geckos with Stellio

by Jeremiah on December 28, 2014

Stellio Rock Climb Gecko Style

Sometimes the craziest ideas come from the simplest places. Nature itself. The Stellio is the conception of designer Anupreeta Agate from Pune, India, as a part of her form course. It is a rock-climbing aid that simply sticks to vertical surfaces the same way the gecko feet do, with microscopic hair. To use it, you simply hook it to a carabiner and you’re set. The idea is that it would hold your body weight and you can stick and unstick it at will.

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HexSkin – Bandage That Dissolves Into Your Skin

by Jeremiah on October 29, 2014

HexSkin Girl

Falling in love is beautiful. Falling on hard concrete in hot daylight isn’t so. But now with HexSkin, you can at least mend your wounds better, and faster.

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RoboWorm – The Firemen Version of RoboCop

by Jeremiah on October 6, 2014


In times of tragedy, the human capacity often faces many limitations, especially when it comes to search and rescue in tight situations. A design company from Germany seeks to solve this with the RoboWorm. It’s an earthworm-like robotic probe that could easily navigate through tight spaces such as building rubble, in order to search for survivors without further endangering more human lives. It is the eye and ear replacement of rescue workers, for safer, more effective rescue missions.

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Electrolux UrbanCONE

Until now, altering your micro climate is confined to the comforts of homes and buildings. While that’s nice, it would be ideal if we could alter our surrounding micro climates outdoors too. The Electrolux UrbanCONE might just do that in the near future. It’s basically a jellyfish-looking drone that hovers above and around you, ceaselessly cleaning polluted air, creating a friendlier, healthier micro climate for you. It can be freely programmed, modified and extended, and it can work in tandem as a unified batch. It hovers effortlessly thanks to its ultra light construction, and it filters the air through it’s poly-wings that move in a dance resembling a jellyfish. The filters could be programmed to collect and retain certain smells, so you could reload them at will, wherever you are. You could keep it near, or let it drift and do its job in your peripheral atmosphere, and you could share your settings to attract others with similar micro climate preferences as you.

Electrolux UrbanCONE

Electrolux UrbanCONE

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Electrolux Air Globe: Indoor Weather Changer

by Jeremiah on June 29, 2014


I’ve been a big fan of X-Men since my early days, and one of my favorite characters was Storm. Her ability to change weather always fascinates me. Now, designer Pei-Chih Deng from the National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan, has come up with a design that would allow you to do just that, in the comforts of your own living room. This design, dubbed the Air Globe, would supposedly allow you to simulate your favorite weather by collecting real time temperature, humidity, even scents and sounds from your favorite destinations. Miss the beach? Load up Bali weather and let the Air Globe simulate that for you. The Alps? No problem, just a click of a button. We really look forward to seeing this come to production.