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Panasonic Interactive Table

by FreshEffect on March 17, 2006


Things have really started to change with tables and this is a preview of what’s to come in the future. You can perform a variety of tasks such as viewing a calendar, synchronizing your cell phone, and even turning on/off the TV. Via TechEBlog

Archos AV700 TV

by FreshEffect on March 16, 2006


The AV700 TV is as cutting-edge as portable media players get with a 7-inch widescreen display, digital TV receiver, 40GB HDD (100GB optional), and support for nearly all music/video formats. You can also record TV shows directly to the AV700 TV for playback later. It goes on sale in May (Europe only) at the price of $830. Via TechEBlog

From the article: “It features a patent-pending mobile reception system, with two tuners working in parallel, that provides better reception inside or out, or even in cars up to 130 km/h. “

Simon Cowell’s “American Inventor” Debut

by Alexander on March 15, 2006

Simon Cowell's American Inventor

Simon Cowell of American Idol fame is debuting his new reality series, American Inventor on ABC. The premise of the show is to showcase and judge new inventions and gadgets. Cowell’s style of “constructive criticism” will be sure to make the show a hit, at least in the short run.