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Monster ClarityHD Micro Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

The Monster ClarityHD Micro is claimed to be the world’s first portable speaker with true High Definition wireless audio. The portable wireless speaker enables you to enjoy your favorite music without wires while on-the-go. The ClarityHD Micro Bluetooth wireless speaker uses both ACC and apt-X digital processing to provide clean stereo sound and crystal clear phone calls. It has an omnidirectional microphone, which is ideal for hands-free calls, instant conference calls, and voice or video chats on Skype. Other features include a standard 3.5mm headphone port, an international adapter and a wrist strap. The Monster ClarityHD Micro Bluetooth wireless speaker is priced at $219.95 each. [Monster]

Orbitsound T9 Compact Speaker Dock For iOS Devices

Orbitsound is back with its latest product in the form of the T9 speaker dock. Designed for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch, the T9 uses the company’s patented spatial sound technology, producing a total output power of 140 watts. The speaker dock consists of two 2.5-inch mid-high drivers, a 1-inch tweeter and two 1-inch midrange spatial generators. Each purchase comes equipped with a remote control that allows you to control the docked iPhone/ iPod touch from the comfort of your sofa. The Orbitsound T9 speaker dock is priced at £199.99 a pop. [Slashgear]

NuForce Cube Speaker

by Johan on May 29, 2012

NuForce Cube Speaker

The NuForce Cube speaker is designed for music lovers. The speaker has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that extends your listening enjoyment for up to eight hours of continuous playback. You can recharge its battery using standard USB charger (not included), or via your computer USB port’s power. The NuForce Cube Speaker provides a pair of 3.5mm audio jacks, a USB DAC and a headphone amplifier. There is also a special adapter for the iPod Nano. The NuForce Cube speaker is priced at $119. [Product Page]

Dynaudio XEO 5 Wireless Speaker Tower

by Johan on May 28, 2012

Dynaudio XEO 5 Wireless Speaker Tower

Dynaudio has released the XEO 5 high-end loudspeaker system. Available in White Piano and Black Piano finishes, the speaker is equipped with the Xeo Transmitter that instantly sets up its own 2.4 GHz A-to-B connection without any IP address or software. You can connect any devices to the transmitter via an optical (Toslink) digital input, a mini USB, a stereo mini jack, or RCA stereo inputs for crystal clear audio streaming. The XEO 5 features a 50W woofer and a 50W tweeter that produce a frequency response of 36Hz – 22kHz. The Dynaudio XEO 5 floor-standing speaker is priced at $4.500. [Dynaudio]

Maxell MXSP-SB1000 And MXSP-SB2000 SoundBoards

Maxell has rolled out two new SoundBoards in the Japanese market. Dubbed as the MXSP-SB1000 and MXSP-SB2000, both SoundBoards feature an HDMI port and a 2.1Ch virtual Surround setup. The MXSP-SB1000 offers a 10Wx2Ch+30W setup, while the MXSP-SB2000 provides a 10Wx4Ch+30W configuration. The Maxell MXSP-SB2000 is a higher-end model that supports SRS 3D, TruBass and Focus sound system. The Maxell MXSP-SB1000 and MXSP-SB2000 SoundBoards are priced at 13,000 Yen ($163) and 20,000 Yen ($250), respectively. [Akihabara]