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The last few years have seen several major smartphone manufacturers and startups try to break down the barriers between smartphones and personal computers. The fact of the matter is, there is not even such a big difference between the two device categories: smartphones are personal computers with small screens, especially energy-efficient components, and come without physical keyboards and other input devices except for their touchscreen. These minor shortcomings are negligible when you update social media, reading reviews at or playing Candy Crush but they become serious when you try to do some work. Despite their processing power growing beyond that of the personal computers we used just a few years ago, smartphones are seen as primarily entertainment devices and not actual computers. Read more

Many sources today speak of the slowing down of the evolution of smartphone hardware. Apparently, smartphone processors don’t show jumps that big when it comes to their CPU speed and RAM size, screen sizes have reached another limit, and generally, smartphones have seen less spectacular processing power jumps in the last few years. Which is not a problem, really, since the average smartphone user doesn’t even make use of the current hardware resources of the handset. Usage statistics show that, on average, far more users play with simpler apps like Wild Jack online casino games and puzzle/word games than with hardware-intensive titles. And these games, especially the ones you can play at the Wild Jack, are also built to run on a wide variety of hardware profiles and operating systems, so those who usually stick to these don’t feel the need to replace their handsets at all. Read more

The Apple Addict Guide To Secret Santa

by Kevin on September 29, 2017

The dreaded workplace Secret Santa has returned to the office, and your fellow cubicle dwellers have descended into their usual panic when faced with the gargantuan task of giving a co-worker they barely know a present. But not you. As the gift-giving anxiety eats at their nerves, you’re as cool as a peppermint candy cane. Why? Because you pulled the resident Apple addict out of the hat. Read more

Most Apple aficionados are well-acquainted with iMovie – the simple yet powerful movie-making app that is part of Mac’s OS X. However if you were hoping to be able to use it on a Windows PC you’ll be sorely disappointed, as iMovie does not support Windows – nor are there any plans on that front. Read more

The rise of live gameplay

by Kevin on August 1, 2017

The rise of live gameplay is largely down to the huge advances in online gaming, however, when the latter first began to enjoy a surge of growth, few believed it would be able to influence online gambling as much as it has. This is largely down to many holding the belief that virtual gaming was unable to recreate the social element of casino gaming. How wrong they were!

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