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Slot Smarter with Proactive Strategies

by Kevin on September 1, 2015

Pharaoh Slot

There is a common misconception going around, which has been brought to light as online casino games took off in the last couple of years. A belief that playing slots require no skill at all, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Given that the skill involved in the game isn’t glaringly obvious, it has a firm foundation and is apparent to those that manage to understand the mechanics of the game well.

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Top 9 Mobile Apps for Landlords

by Kevin on August 25, 2015


Being a landlord can be hard work and isn’t always as smooth sailing as what people might assume. You need to think about everything from decorations and furniture, to the legal stuff – tenancy agreements, insurance, boiler repairs, electrical safety – the list goes on! Not to mention times when tenants refuse to pay you the rent. Statistics from GOV.UK show in April to June 2015, 36,212 landlord possession claims in county courts were recorded in England and Wales.

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Tried Windows 10 and Want to Go Back?

by Kevin on August 12, 2015


July 29th 2015 is the day where we were all given a taste of Windows 10. The official launching and subsequent release was seen as a new dawn in the computing age. Everyone was eager to get it fast, even for those with pirated Windows 7 to Windows 10. But what if you belong to a group of users who don’t particularly like the latest Windows 10? It would be great if there was a tool that you can use to downgrade Windows 10 to Windows 7 right?

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Android Reading Apps Are Easy To Engage

by Kevin on August 2, 2015

Android Reading Apps

Although reading eBooks on a desktop computer can be convenient during downtime at work, a portable eReader is much better when you’re sitting on a couch at home. It’s a lot easier to hold a tablet or an eReader than a 700-page George R. R. Marin hardcover, and your hands won’t go numb.

However, when commuting via mass transit or waiting in line for a double chocolate chip crème Frappuccino, it’s best to use a cell phone for reading. Android reading apps like Nook are a great way to kill time and feel productive while you’re on the go.

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Enterprise Video Conference

Technology is shaping the future of business. Every day it seems new technologies are launched that are supposed to make running a business easier and less expensive, promising an exciting future for companies that stay on the cutting edge of technology.

Video conference systems have evolved over time and have become less clunky and easier to use. As a business tool, video conferencing is now a commonly accepted method of communicating with employees, clients, vendors and business partners. Mobile video conferencing systems, like Blue Jeans Network, are easy to use and allow participants to join the meeting using their mobile phones and tablets. It so convenient and is a cost saving measure that many companies are implementing.

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