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Is 2017 the year for consumer VR Gaming?

by Kevin on February 24, 2017

A year ago Virtual Reality (VR) was all the buzz but after the VR headsets came out it just couldn’t live up to the high expectations people had. VR gaming was relatively well received but was still underwhelming. While there were some pretty decent VR game releases in 2016 they weren’t anything exceptional and the hardware was way too expensive and riddled with issues. Read more

When the iPad was first launched in 2010, nobody could have predicted its level of popularity. Now, seven years later, it is still one of the most purchased products in the Apple range and without question the market leader for tablets. With several models currently on the market, and new models being launched every year to compete with rival tablets, the iPad shows no sign of disappearing anytime soon. Why has Apple’s answer to the tablet persisted on the market so long and been so successful?  Read more

How to bet sports online?

by Kevin on January 31, 2017

One of the most common mistakes continuously made by bettors is being careless when it comes to analyzing their winning chances. On one hand, most gamblers like to take risks. On the other hand, few of them know how to pick the optimal events to bet sports online. Beginning bettors wager on events that are highly unlikely to happen. Furthermore, they don’t know how to analyze odds offered by bookmakers in order to find out whether they’re profitable for a gambler.   Read more

Live casino online is a good option for experienced players. These types of casino entertainment are much closer to real life compared to regular online casino games. Read more

Mobile online casino has appeared not so long time ago. First of all it related with development of modern technologies which allow to promote your personal devices to the new level. Not only the consumer’s demand is rising to these gadgets but also a level of their requirements. Meanwhile, Internet gambling becomes more popular too. Lots of people have already played in real time mode in online gambling for real money via smartphone. Read more