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Pan Japan Releases Nudibranch Solar Charger For Portable Devices

Pan Japan today introduced the Nudibranch solar charger that will harness the sun’s energy and charge your power-hungry gadgets. Available in 5,500mAh and 2,800mAh of battery capacities, these portable solar chargers provide two USB ports, allowing you to charge two gadgets at the same time. The 5,500mAh model takes about 6 to 7 hours to charge fully in strong sunlight. The 5,500mAh model is priced at approx. $99, while the 2,800mAh variant retails for about $78. [Impress]

Sanya Skypump Hybrid Solar/ Wind Turbine-powered Charging Station

Developed by Urban Green Energy and GE Energy Industrial Solutions, the brand new Sanya Skypump harnesses the power of the wind and sun to charge your Electric Vehicle (EV). This hybrid solar/ wind turbine-powered charging station has a slim design that can easily fit along roads or in parking lots, making EV charging easy and accessible. A UGE-4K wind turbine harnesses wind power, while solar panels on the Skypump’s roof generate electricity from the sun’s rays. The combined energy produced by the wind turbine and solar array is enough to significantly offset the charging station’s electricity use. The Sanya Skypump can fully charge an average electric vehicle in only four to eight hours. Watch the video after the jump. Read more

Natural Speaker By Joon&Jung

by Johan on July 2, 2011

Natural Speaker By Joon&Jung

Designed by Joon & Jung from the Netherlands, the Natural Speaker is designed to produce a more natural vibe and ambiance compared to most speakers that give a fat bass and sharp high tones. This speaker is individually crafted by hand, while each ceramic casing is individually checked for the best amplifying performance. Sadly, there is no info on pricing at this moment. Stay tuned for more updates. Read more

Sanyo XX Batteries With Eneloop Technology

Sanyo today introduced the XX battery that adopts the eneloop technology. The battery is able to deliver 25% more power for extreme usage requirements. What makes the XX battery more interesting is that it can still deliver juice even when temperatures drop down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit. The Sanyo XX powered by eneloop package of four-AA batteries will be available next month at an MSRP of $24.99. [Press Release]

APS-J NoPoPo Water Battery

by Johan on June 26, 2011

APS-J NoPoPo Water Battery

The APS-J NoPoPo (Non Pollution Power) water battery will be released in the Japanese market in August 2011. Thanks to a chemical reaction, this eco-friendly battery is able to provide up to 10-minute of power from a few drop of water. You can also use urine, saliva, alcohol, rain water, sea water or whiskey. The company is strongly recommend you to use tap water for better results. No word on pricing at this time. [Akihabara]