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Nokero N200 Solar-powered Light Bulb

by Johan on November 22, 2010

Nokero has introduced the N200 solar-powered light bulb. It is a small, lightweight and durable lighting solution that will allow users to enjoy a good level of lighting for very long periods of time, while in the same time keeping the environment clean. The Nokero N200 has three modes: On, Off, and Turbo-Task. The bulb can last six or more hours on one day’s charge, or 2.5 hours per night or more in Turbo-Task mode. What makes this light bulb special is that it also sports a rain-proof body. Watch the video after the jump to get more details. Read more

Water-powered Alarm Clock

by Johan on October 25, 2010

Here is the latest eco-friendly alarm clock that is perfect for those who like green gadgets. The clock doesn’t need electricity or batteries. The water-powered digital alarm clock uses hydro power to fuel its inner workings, including a large LCD screen that displays time, day, date, and an indoor temperature display (F° or C°). You just need to add water to power up your alarm clock and keep it topped up as the water evaporates for a constant supply of energy. A clear dome above a silver base allows you view water to see when a refill is necessary. If you are interested, you can purchase the Water-powered Alarm Clock for just $29.98 a pop. [Product Page via 7Gadgets]

Sanyo is ready to release the limited edition 8-color glitter AA and AAA-size Eneloop rechargeable battery pack in Japan on November 14th, 2010. The 5th anniversary model of the Eneloop rechargeable battery comes in 8 glitter colors such as Purple, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Light Blue, Silver and Black. This 8-color Eneloop pack has been made to be fun and convenient for users. For example a user may pick colors according to his taste or use colors to remember which ones are charged and which ones need to be recharged. Read more

GE Lighting will release the unique hybrid halogen-CFL light bulb in 2011. This incandescent-shaped light bulb combines the instant brightness of halogen technology with the energy efficiency and longer rated life of compact fluorescent (CFL) technology. The halogen capsule inside GE’s new hybrid halogen-CFL bulb comes on instantly, allowing the bulb to operate noticeably brighter in less than a half a second. The capsule shuts off once the CFL comes to full brightness. GE Lighting’s hybrid halogen-CFL bulbs will be RoHS compliant and offer eight times the life of incandescent bulbs (8,000 hours vs. 1,000 hours). First to launch will be 15-watt and 20-watt hybrid halogen-CFL bulbs that are considered viable replacements for 60-watt and 75-watt incandescent bulbs, respectively. Stay tuned for more updates. [Press Release]

Designed by Mika Yamamoto, the Electrolux WAVE Ultra Sonic Wine Ager and Fridge will create a delicious aged wine for you. The fridge features a two-layered shelf structure with inner walls that emit ultrasonic waves. These waves are said to react with wine molecules to age them. There is a custom touchscreen that helps you navigate through the settings, helping you determine the speed of aging at the touch of a button. Sadly, the Electrolux WAVE is only a concept. Read more