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Madre De “DIOS” Fridge From LG

by Isaiah on February 25, 2009

Madre De "DIOS" Fridge

The “Dios” fridge, aka R-T757GCHW is the latest refrigerator from LG. It boasts a gigantic 750l space, 35.9kWh consumption as well as Green, White and Blue LED lights to reduce fresh vegetable oxidation. To make it more elegant the front panel is decorated with a nice flower design. Pricing and availability are still unknown. [Gizmodiva] Read more

Electrolux Sunny Washing Machine

by Isaiah on February 25, 2009

Electrolux Sunny Washing Machine

Electrolux is out with its new energy efficient washing machine which is capable to reduce energy consumption up to 40%. Dubbed as the Electrolux Sunny Washing Machine, the machine consists of dual heating system: solar-heated as well as gas-heated. Whenever there’s sufficient sunlight you can rely on its solar-powered heater to provide your clothes with warm water, but you can also switch over to gas-heated source when needed. Unfortunately, the product is only available at Italy at this moment with no word on U.S. availability. [Ubergizmo]

TV Drehturm

Here’s another innovative multimedia furniture called TV Drehturm by Austrian high-end furniture maker Skloib. This space-saving multimedia furniture combines a flatscreen TV and a fireplace into one unit. It consists of two sides, with one side holding the TV and A/V accessories and the other side holding a stylish fireplace. For more details check out Skloib official website. [Bornrich]


Polish designers Witek Stefaniak and Anielka Zdanowicz has come out with this unique multifunctional product called Soundshelf, an interesting new home audio design concept that combines a stereo speaker and a CD/DVD shelf. It comes in two different shapes, wall and tower shelves giving you the possibility to arrange the interior in the modern style. With the simple, multifunction design element here, you can definitely save some space in a very stylish and useful way. Sadly, it’s just a concept for now! [TheDesignBlog] Read more

Novanta Workstation

Here’s a perfect space-saving work desk ‘Novanta Workstation’ by Luke Riggall. Designed specifically for MAC users allowing them to keep their collection of MacBooks and iPods together at one desk. The desk itself is made of high quality MDF and aluminum structure with features like never before. You’ll find an integrated speaker grills, an illuminated tabletop, Ipod dock, monitor stand, USB and Audio Hub, and multiple drawers complete in one desk. Unfortunately, there’s no word on pricing and availability yet. [Bornrich] Read more