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Samsung Releases New Smart Refrigerator In South Korea

Samsung has joined together with E-Mart to release a new e-commerce enabled Smart Refrigerator(model: FRS73DRDFW) in the South Korean market. This refrigerator enables users to order their kitchen supplies directly through a built-in LCD display. Users are able to choose from up to 22,000 items sold by E-mart. Samsung will release the Smart Refrigerator later this month. No word on pricing so far. [Newlaunches]

LG RoboCyking Canister Vacuum Cleaner

by Johan on September 30, 2011

LG RoboCyking Canister Vacuum Cleaner

If you are searching a new silent vacuum cleaner, then check out the LG RoboCyking canister vacuum. This vacuum cleaner operates at only 57dB, allowing you to clean up your house at night. What makes the LG RoboCyking interesting is that it has a motion sensor that senses your movements and automatically follows your directions. Other features include a high-performance HEPA filter, an activated carbon air purifier, and an automatic dust compression system. Folks in South Korea are able to purchase the LG RoboCyking canister vacuum for around $400. [LG]

Samsung Bubbleshot Washing Machines With Smart-Care Function

Samsung has upgraded the Bubbleshot washing machines series with the new Smart-Care function. This new function allows users to check the condition of their Bubbleshot washing machines and solve any technical problems. Users can download the Smart-Care app from Samsung Apps Store and install this free app on their smartphone. Stay tuned for more updates. [Akihabara]

Toshiba Unveils Voice-controlled Air Conditioner In Japan

Toshiba will release a total of 13 new air conditioners in the Japanese market. The new series comes equipped with a voice controller, which is able to recognize up to 26 words. These upcoming air conditioners also use a new kind of energy-efficient compressor that consumes only 45W of power. Stay tuned for more updates. [Akihabara]

Dyson Hot AM04 Heater Fan

by Johan on September 14, 2011

Dyson Hot AM04 Heater Fan

The Dyson Hot AM04 is a bladeless heater fan that incorporates the company’s Air Multiplier technology to keep the room warm during cold season. You just need to set the desired temperature and this futuristic home appliance will keep pumping out warm air until the temperature is reached. The Dyson Hot AM04 comes equipped with a temperature control and an intelligent thermostat that automatically control and monitor the room temperature. If you are interested, you can purchase the Dyson Hot AM04 heater fan for $399.99. [Product Page]