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Renshui High-tech Faucet From China

by Johan on July 9, 2010

The Renshui faucet from China is not your ordinary faucet because it comes with a stylish and modern look. This high-tech faucet features “a smart chip”, which controls the water flow and temperature. With a simple touch, you can go from hot to cold water, on or off. The Renshui also features the intelligent light, which indicates the water’s temperature to prevent the risk of scalding accidents. [Renshui]

LG 385-liter Bottom Freezer With Linear Compressor

LG is back with the brand new 385-liter bottom freezer, which blends the company’s Linear Compressor technology with a classy, contemporary design. LG’s Linear Compressor technology frees up approximately 50 liters of extra storage space compared with standard 2-meter tall bottom freezers. LG’s Opti Temp Zone system optimizes the inner temperature depending on the kind of food being stored, with fish and meat kept at -1ºC (30ºF) and vegetables and fruit at 2ºC (36ºF). Some models also incorporate LG’s innovative Vita Light Zone, which includes an LED that replicates sunlight to preserve fruit and vegetables longer. Additional features include a bottled water dispenser and LG’s LCD/LED external touchscreen control panel that makes it easy to manage the freezer and read the settings at a glance. [FarEastGizmos]

Dyson City Canister Vacuum

Living in a compact apartment can make you really appreciative of a small device that actually performs exceptionally well. The new Dyson City Canister Vacuum is definitely a great example of a device that packs a whole lot more punch than you would expect it to for it’s size. The whole size of the device will end up being about the size of a piece of paper, length and width-wise. Of course the price tag is definitely not miniature as it will retail for about $380. [RedFerret]

Maytag Bravos Steam Dryer

We know it has happened to you before, you hear the buzzer for the dryer go off and immediately go to take your clothes out, only to find them still damp. It’s not a huge deal, but can still be a bit annoying. Maytag has just released their new Bravos Steam Dryer, which can actually tell if the clothes are dry or not presumably based on how much steam is still being removed. Also for those of you who enjoy watching laundry tumble, there is an interior light to let you watch it all happen. [LuxuryHousingTrends]

IceCloud Fridge Concept

It seems that there has been a lot of very interesting fridge concepts that have been releasing lately and this new IceCloud Fridge Concept is just one of them. It will rely on passive cooling and clay pots, where Peltier modules are used to generate thermoelectric power. Humidity is extracted from the air so natural cooling can take place as well. It will be a great space saver as well for apartment dwellers as it can levitate vertically from the wall. LCD display is included as well and we would bet our money that if it does release it will come with Wi-Fi too. [TheDesignBlog]

Neato XV-11 Cleaning Robot

The Neato XV-11 has already been unveiled as a prototype but now the unit is finally ready to start shipping to customers. This cleaning robot will be retailing for around $400. It features a mapping system that will help it to work as efficiently as possible and not follow random cleaning patterns like some of the competitors on the market. This model will also be able to clean corners in a very efficient and quick manner, something that other models have had trouble doing in the past. [UberGizmo]

Latest Dyson Air Multiplier Fans

by Johan on June 22, 2010

Dyson comes back with a couple of bladeless fans in the form of the AM02 and AM03. Available in silver, the Dyson AM02 is a bladeless tower fan that uses the Air Multiplier technology to produce smooth, uninterrupted airflow with no unpleasant buffeting. The Dyson AM03 pedestal fan is the larger model that uses the same technology to produce a faster uninterrupted airflow. The Dyson AM03 is available in white and silver variants. Both the Dyson AM02 and AM03 will retail for $450 in the States. [Dyson]

Infinity Iron

If you hate ironing your clothes you might be able to make it a tolerable affair with this new Infinity Iron. It features an OLED display on the top and a rubberized texture for improved grip. The OLED display is touch sensitive with controls built right in to it. The top half is heat sensitive and only heats up when you grab on to it. Also it automatically turns itself off to prevent you from accidentally burning your clothes. [TheDesignBlog]

TV Flash Lamp

While some people are obsessed with showing off their brand new high tech gear as much as they possibly can, others would rather keep it out of sight most of the time. There is a variety of ways that you can hide your LCD TV but this one may be the most multifunctional. It can hide an LCD that is up to 23 inches in size underneath the lampshade which simply slides down whenever you want to watch TV. Definitely a cool design for anyone who prefers a more contemporary look for their living room. [MocoLoco]

Sub-Tub Whirlpool Bath & Washbasin With a Huge OLED Display

Some people just aren’t content with taking a simple bath or shower to get clean and then moving on with their day. For those type of people there is the Sub-Tub Whirlpool Bath & Washbasin with this large OLED display to make bath time a bit more interesting. Any image of your choice can be uploaded to the large screen, or the screen can double as a mirror. It is still unclear if it will be able to play videos, but we don’t see why not. Before you get too excited you should know that this is still only a concept. [Behance]

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