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Input Devices

Text Blade

Typing on your smartphone gets old really quick, and chunky Bluetooth keyboards are usually no-go either. Enter Text Blade, a scribble-tile-holder sized, modular Bluetooth keyboard you can easily fit in your pocket. It even comes with a simple stand to keep your phone at the perfect angle for best viewing. You simply lay down the keyboard parts on the desk and you can start typing rightaway. The modules hold together magnetically and each side contains 4 multitouch buttons that cover the full roman character spectrum. $99

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There’s a subtle, unassuming, Indiegogo campaign for a new race of gesture-based input device called Flow. It is probably the most intuitive and precise controller of its type, and when it launches it may forever put an end to the use of the computer mouse.

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Satechi 10-Port USB 3.0 Hub

by Isaiah on March 19, 2013


Satechi hits back with a new 10-port USB 3.0 hub. This plug and play hub comes with nine USB 3.0 ports, one iPad-charging port, three switches that control each group of three USB 3.0 ports and its own power supply to guarantee electric current stability and the effective operation of all connected USB devices. The Satechi 10-port USB 3.0 hub retails for $59.99. [Product Page]

GIGABYTE FORCE M7 THOR Pro-laser Gaming Mouse

by Johan on October 30, 2012

GIGABYTE FORCE M7 THOR Pro-laser Gaming Mouse

GIGABYTE has proudly introduced the FORCE M7 THOR Pro-laser gaming mouse. This high-end gaming mouse is designed with responsive buttons, reinforced USB cable, durable clicking lifespan, ideal shape and ergonomic grip. The GIGABYTE FORCE M7 THOR features a greatly improved 6000dpi advance laser sensor with 3-stage adjustment, offering lightning fast 12,000 FPS image processing capability for absolute control and precise mouse movement. Additional features include 5 programmable buttons with SIM software and a gold plated USB connector for optimum signal transfer. [GIGABYTE]

Buffalo Launches New Wired And Wireless Mice For Windows 8

Buffalo Japan has recently introduced a series of new wired and wireless mice optimized for Windows 8, the BSMBB10N wireless mouse and BSMBU12 wired mouse. The Buffalo BSMBB10N wireless mouse supports both Bluetooth and NFC, while the Buffalo BSMBU12 wired mouse features a USB connectivity and the touch surfaces that let you perform gestures. Both mice measure 60mm x 35mm x 100mm and weight 58 grams. The Buffalo BSMBB10N wireless mouse and BSMBU12 wired mouse are priced at 3,465 Yen ($31) and 2,089 Yen ($26), respectively. Read more