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The LCD ProDock from Logic3 allows you to display your favorite videos or picture slideshow from your iPod or iPhone to a bigger screen via Composite or component outputs. The Logic3 LCD ProDock also supports audio-only playback. Each purchase of the LCD ProDock comes with a unique remote control unit with an integrated color display, which will synchronize with the iPhone/iPod, so that you can check out iPod or iPhone’s menus on the remote from a distance. Additionally, the remote is RF-based, supporting control up to 10 meters away with no line-of-sight requirements. £79.99 ($115) is all you need to bring home the Logic3 LCD ProDock iPod and iPhone docking station. [Logic3 via iPod and MP3 Player]

If you like the Denon RCD-M38 Micro HiFi system that we posted yesterday, then check out the new Micro component from JVC. Dubbed as the RD-N1, this gadget features a CD player, a couple of 3 Watts speakers, a USB port, an AM/ FM radio and an iPod/iPhone docking station. What’s more, you can also play MP3 or WMA music files that are stored on a USB thumb-key. [JVC Japan via iPod and MP3 Players]

Denon RCD-M38 Micro HiFi System

Denon will release the Denon RCD-M38 Micro HiFi system in Japan next month. Measuring 210mm x 115mm x 308.5mm, the gadget has an iPod and iPhone docking station, a CD player, “Triple noise reduction design” (T.N.R.D), an FM/AM tuner with RDS, radio text, SDB (Super Dynamic Bass) and an alarm clock. The new Denon RCD-M38 Micro HiFi system retails for 45,000 Yen or around $501 (without speakers). [Akihabara via iPod and MP3 Players]

Resonance Speaker And iPod/iPhone Docking Station

The Resonance Speaker from Chinavasion transmits sound vibrations through hard surfaces, creating a rich sound enhanced by soft vibrations that allow you to actually feel the music. This speaker works with any hard surface, such as your marble floor, wooden table, or glass windows. Available only in white, the Resonance Speaker has a 3.5mm audio jack, a built-in amplifier and an iPod/iPhone dock that is compatible with almost all iPod/iPhone models. If you are interested, you can purchase the Resonance Speaker for $41.07 a pop. [Chinavasion via iPod and MP3 Player]

OZAKI iMini Cute Colorful iPod Dock

by Johan on May 7, 2010


If you are living in Japan, then you will be able to buy the new colorful iPod dock from OZAKI. Dubbed as the OZAKI iMini Cute IP830RAINBOW, this iPod dock comes equipped with a 2-inch full range driver unit and amp, an FM radio, an LCD display, an alarm clock and a USB port. The gadget is compatible with iPod Nano (the 1st – 4th generation), iPod touch (the 1st – 2nd generations), iPod (the 4th – 5th generation), iPod classic/iPod mini (the 5th generation), and iPod shuffle (the 2nd generation). The OZAKI iMini Cute IP830RAINBOW will be launched on May 15th, 2010 for 6980 Yen ($75). [IT Media via iPod and MP3 Players]