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UO DJ Mixer Combines Your Music

by Johan on May 2, 2010

UO DJ Mixer For iPod

The UO DJ Mixer allows you to mix your favorite music from a pair of iPods or iPhones. You can also add some music effects such as reverb, filter and flange. What makes this gadget more special is that it also charges docked iPods or iPhones. You can connect the UO DJ Mixer to a sound system and share your mix with everyone. If you are interested, you can order the UO DJ Mixer at Urban Outfitters for $120 a pop. Each purchase comes with a mixer, an instruction manual, an AC adapter and headphones. [Urban Outfitters via iPod and MP3 Players]

Panasonic Releases Audio System For iPod

by Johan on March 18, 2010

If you are searching for a new iPod dock, then check out the new SC-SP100 iPod dock from Panasonic. The gadget produces a 20 Watts of power and connects to your computer with a USB cable for syncing. This iPod dock has a 2,5-inch Dual Passive Radiator and a 2,5-inch Subwoofer that work together to reproduce a high quality sound. The Panasonic SC-SP100 retails for $115 a pop. [B&H via iPod and MP3 Players]

Santok SMC1000 iPhone And iPod Boombox Speaker

The Santok SMC1000 Stereo Boombox with SRS is not your ordinary iPhone/ iPod docking station because it sports a high resolution VFD display with a sound sensitive graphic equalizer. Encased in a stylish aluminum top, the gadget also features two 12 watt speakers, a digital clock, a radio tuner and a touch pad control with IR remote. The Santok SMC1000 Boombox iPod Dock is priced at £99.99 or around $150. [Product Page via iPod and MP3 Players]

Sonoro Cubo 2010 And eDock For iPod

by Johan on February 24, 2010

Sonoro Cubo 2010 And eDock

Sonoro has added a new music player to their range by releasing the Sonor Cubo 2010. This iPod and iPhone docking station features a high gloss lacquered finish in red, black, white, silver, pink, jungle green and lemon yellow. The Sonoro Cubo 2010 features a built-in CD player, an FM radio, a remote control and an eDock that is compatible with all generation iPods and iPhone including iPod touch, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. The Sonoro Cubo 2010 is priced at $502 and the eDock retails for $94. [ChipChick via iPod and MP3 Players]

Affordable GenevaSound S iPod Dock

by Johan on December 18, 2009

Affordable GenevaSound S iPod Dock

GenevaLab is famous for its high-end iPod-compatible sound systems that aim to bring superior sound quality and components to home theater fans and audiophiles. The company has recently launched the GenevaSound S that features two 3-inch drivers along with a class D energy-efficient amp that pushed 15-watts to each channel. The iPod dock also has an iPod Universal Dock that supports a wide variety of iPods and iPhones. Additional specs include an alarm clock, and an FM radio with six station presets. The GenevaLab Sound System Model S also comes with a table stand, allowing the user the choice of elevating the system, so it takes up less space on a nightstand, a counter or a desk. Available in white, red or black, the GenevaSound S iPod dock retails for just $299 a pop. Read more