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iPod Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker from iLuv

by Johan on June 23, 2009

iPod Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker from iLuv

Here is the iLuv iMM153 Desktop Dual Alarm Clock for iPod, which is compatible with iPod touch 2nd generation, iPod nano 1st to 4th generation, iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod with video and iPod 4th generation. The device has built-in speakers and an FM radio. What makes this iPod dock special is that it comes with a Bed Shaker that will vibrate to wake you up. The iLuv iMM153 retails for $59.99 each. [iLuv via iPod and MP3 Players]

Sonoro Eklipse CD Player with iPod Dock

by Johan on June 12, 2009

Sonoro Eklipse iPod Dock

If you are an iPod owner who are also have a huge collection of CD’s, then you might need the Sonoro Eklipse. It is a CD player that comes equipped with an iPod dock. Measuring 210mm x 140mm x 235mm and weighing 3700grams, the player also features an integrated AM/FM radio just in case you’re bored with your MP3 collection on the iPod. This German designed CD player also comes with a sleek remote control. The Sonoro Eklipse retails for a hefty $550. [Unicahome via iPod and MP3 Players]

AITALK iPod's Voice Controller from Aibelive

Aibelive today introduced the AITALK voice controller for iPod during Computex 2009. The device supports multi-language and allows users to activate or change music tracks with their own voice. The AITALK makes it easier for iPod users to listen to the music while driving, doing exercise or when their hands are engaging with other activities. Pricing or availability info is still unavailable. Stay tuned for more updates. [Aibelive via iPod and MP3 Players]

JVC Releases iPod Friendly Compact Hi-Fi

by Johan on June 8, 2009

JVC UX-LP5 iPod Friendly Compact Hi-Fi

JVC has released the UX-LP5 iPod Friendly Compact Hi-Fi that features a retractable front flip dock for iPods. This iPod boombox features a video output so you can playback iPod-stored video on a connected television, a front audio input for connecting other audio products, CD playback, and an AM/FM tuner. Other features include a total power output of 70-watt and two speakers. The UX-LP5 is now available for $149.95. [Akihabara via Laptop Notebook News]

Clarion FZ409 iPod Friendly In-car Audio System

I am sure there are still so many Japanese who prefer a simple 1 DIN CD player. That’s why Clarion has launched in Japan the FZ409 CD player that handles MP3, WMA and AAC audio file formats. You can also hook up your USB flash drive or an iPod to listen to your favorite tunes. The cool factor for this CD player is that it has an optical touch sensor for changing tracks, moving between menu, or changing the volume level with the touch of a finger. [Akihabara via iPod and MP3 Players]