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Alienware 13 To Be The Coolest Gaming Laptop

by Kevin on August 11, 2014

Alienware 13

Alienware 13 comes with a brand new promise of amazing gaming performance without the heft. It looks like the new notebook is here to make the previous version history by bringing brand new innovative features on the market. It weighs only 4.5 pounds and it is only an inch thick. Alienware 13 features an Intel Core processor and it includes an NVidia GeForce GTX 860M graphics card.

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What to do with your Old Desktops and Laptops

by Jeremiah on July 15, 2013


The thought of throwing away an old computer after we’ve spent a significant amount of money on it once upon a time, often leads us to simply leave it in its designated spot, dormant and gathering dust.

If your old technology is cluttering up your room or office, there are better ways of disposing your old computers or computer parts than simply leaving them to gather dust under a bed, in a closet or on a desk.

If you’ve made the decision that you will never need the computer or any of its parts in the near future then it’s time to make the decision on how and where to get rid of them.

Sell, sell, sell
There are numerous ways to sell your computers or parts. Some of the better places include garage sales, local second hand markets or websites such as ebay, gumtree and quicksales online classifieds. Even if your computer won’t turn on, there are many individuals out there who specialise in buying ‘dead’ computers and fixing them up for resell to make a profit.

Bin it!
If you want to dispose of these items quickly and without any hassle, the easiest way to do this is to simply chuck it in the bin.

This is definitely the most environmentally-friendly way to dispose of your old computers if you no longer need them. According to the Environment Protection and Heritage Council in Australia, only 10% of computers which are thrown away are recycled; the rest end up in landfill. These computers which end up in landfill contain hazardous toxins which then seep into the ground. So you want to do the right thing but are unsure of how to recycle your computer? There are many companies such as ewaste who will collect your old computers and deliver them to a recycling facility.

Make a donation
This is a great way to get rid of your old laptops or desktops and help out an organisation in need at the same time! Some places which often need this kind of equipment are schools, not-for-profit organisations, charities, opp shops and local libraries. You will more than likely have to drop it off at their location, but the upsides are that you may be able to claim your donation as a tax deductible, plus you’ll get that warm fuzzy feeling of helping out someone in need.

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Ergonomic Laptop Display Design Concept

While most people couldn’t ever give up the portability of their laptops, they could leave behind the neck problems from the less than ergonomic screen. Thankfully, someone has addressed this issue with this new concept design. This is a design for a new Ergonomic Laptop Display and it looks like it could help laptop users with sore necks immensely. It allows the screen to be raised and angled to the users liking and even featured a kickstand at the bottom to tilt the keyboard towards you just a bit. [UberGizmo]

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Notion Ink Adam Tablet PC
Notion Ink’s new Tablet PC that goes by the name of Adam has been highly anticipated for a long time now by tech fans but unfortunately its release has been pushed back until November. When it does hit the market it will feature 10.1-inch slate that will use Pixel Qi’s 3qi display technology to make it great for both indoor and outdoor use. It will also support 1080p HD video as well as an extraordinarily long battery life. [CrunchGear]

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Fujitsu LifeBook LH520 14-inch Laptop

by Johan on June 1, 2010

Fujitsu comes back with their latest high performance laptop in the form of the LifeBook LH520. Available in matte red or matte black, this 14-inch laptop features a 2.1GHz AMD Athlon II P320 dual-core processor and an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5430 graphics that supports DirectX 11. The LifeBook LH520 also has a SuperFine HD LED-backlit display screen, an AMD RS880M + SB820M chipset, a 2GB DDR3 1066MHz RAM with option for up to 8GB DDR3 1066MHz, a 320GB or 500GB of storage capacity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v2.1+EDR, a DVD Writer, a spill-resistant keyboard and a built-in 1.3MP webcam. What’s more, its 6-cell battery provides up to 3,5-hour of operation time. [Softpedia via Laptop Notebook News]

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