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Media Players

Syabas Popbox

It has been the topic of discussion among those who like complete freedom and control over their living room. Who will win the battle, the Boxee Box or the Syabas Popbox? We think the advantage is going to go, at least initially to the Syabas popbox as they have already started shipping their units via Amazon. That and the fact that it will feature Real3D support will probably be things to give this one an advantage right out of the gate. [CrunchGear]

LG DP1W Portable Theater Wi-Fi System

This new device from LG that goes by the name DP1W is being dubbed as a portable theater WiFi System. It will be able to stream music and videos from a computer to a home stereo or TV. At the time of this writing it is only scheduled to release in Europe though. It will feature two USB ports, an Ethernet port, composite and HDMI output, WiFi b/g/n and support for DLNA, Youtube, AccuWeather and Picasa apps. Release date and pricing is still unknown at this time. [WirelessGoodness]

XStreamHD Device

We are getting pretty excited over here about the development of this new XStreamHD Device. From what we gather, it will work on the principal of pre-fetched entertainment meaning you will be able to view movies without having to download or stream the content. During the nighttime, the data for up to 40 movies is sent to your box so you can view them at your leisure. The best part of this is that all of the movies will be coming to you in Bluray quality. There will be a $10 monthly charge however. [DVICE]

Buffalo LinkTheater LT-V100 Network HD Media Player

Buffalo Japan has just announced their latest networked media player which has been released in Japan and is called the Buffalo LinkTheater LT-V100. It is capable of 1080p full HD playback and has both HDMI and composite video outputs as well as both analog and optical-digital audio outputs. A 10/100 ethernet port will be included as well for network streaming. Two USB 2.0 ports are included as well with one in the front and one in the back to allow you to hook up external storage for local playback. [SlashGear]

The DC-MCNP1 Xtream is the latest media player from Digital-Cowboy that supports only a 2.5-inch SATA hard disk drive. The device also features ISO and IFO support, Windows file system, DLNA, NAS, FTP Server mode, USB Host and DDNS, HDMI support, optical out and the old RCA. Measuring 167mm × 29mm × 112mm, the Digital-Cowboy DC-MCNP1 is compatible with a wide range of video format including MKV, DivX files and MPEG-4 AVC/H.264. [Digital-Cowboy]