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LG's N1 - The PDA For T-DMB and GPS Viewing

LG unveiled its GPS-equipped T-DMB PDA ‘N1’ in Korea market. It seems that the company wants to expand its territory in the PDA market. This Windows Mobile 5.0 powered PDA also offers an integrated GPS chip and uses a 3.5 inch LCD display with a brightness of 340cd/m2, an SD memory card slot, and 192MB of internal memory. It has the battery life of approx. 3.5 hours. The price tag is around $580 after conversion.

Via Aving USA

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Apple iPhone!!!

by Alexander on January 9, 2007


That’s right, it’s here!!! Steve Jobs officially unveiled the iPhone today at the CES 2007. It comes equipped with Max OS X which essentially allow you to use the iPhone as a true all-purpose gadget that allows you to make calls, listen to music, and surf the net.

The iPhone features a 3.5-inch 480 x 320 touchscreen display with multi-touch support and a proximity sensor to turn off the sensor when it’s close to your face, 2 megapixel cam, 4GB or 8 GB of storage, Bluetooth with EDR and A2DP, WiFi that automatically engages when in range, and quadband GSM radio with EDGE. Perhaps most amazingly, though, it somehow runs OS X with support for Widgets, Google Maps, and Safari, and iTunes. A partnership with Yahoo will allow all iPhone customers to hook up with free push IMAP email.

The Apple iPhone will be available to the US in June, 2007, Europe in 4th Quarter, 2007, and Asia in 2008. Cingular will be exclusively offering the iPhone for $499 on a 2-year contract, and $599 for the 8GB model.

Engadget via Cell Phones

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Airis Presents T610 and T620 PDAs

by Johan on October 9, 2006

Airis Presents T610 and T620 PDAs

Airis, a Spanish company, has just released two new PDAs, the T610 and T620. Both PDAs feature an integrated GPS receiver (SiRF Star III chipset), a 3.5-inch TFT touch screen display with 320×240 resolution and 65K colors with anti-reflective coating, SD/MMC memory card slot, Li-Ion battery, and Windows Mobile 2005 operating system. Weighs at just 170 grams, they are powered by Samsung’s 2440 400MHz processor, 64MB of RAM, and 128 of ROM. As for connectivity, both mobile devices support Bluetooth 2.0 and MiniUSB connection. Additionaly, the more advanced (and more expensive) T620 model also supports 802.11 b/g Wireless connectivity as well. You can purchase these PDAs through the link below. Be sure to prepare €220 for the Airis T610 PDA, and extra €69 for its sibling, T620 model. The retail package will include a mounting kit, a car charger, as well as a leather case.

Via NaviGadget.

Seamless Wifi S-XGen

by Johan on September 21, 2006


Seamless Wifi S-XGen is a full featured Windows CE 5.0 powered PDA/UMPC that features a 520MHz Intel Xscale processor, 4.25 inch screen, 128MB SDRAM, 20GB HDD, 802.11b Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet. No word on pricing and availability yet.

Via Seamless WiFi.

HP iPAQ rx4000

by Johan on September 4, 2006

HP iPAQ rx4000

The iPAQ rx4000 is the latest Windows Mobile Pocket PC from HP that comes with the mobile version of Windows Media Player and the whole unit is built around Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 software for Pocket PC. The unit features a 2.8 inch display screen and will be available in Asia starting next month for $299.

Via TheUnwired.