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RIM Blackberry

by FreshEffect on March 26, 2006


Here’s the followup to the Blackberry 8700 series released last year, here is a new 3G-enabled model. Pushing out 312MHz Intel PXA901, 16MB SRAM, 64MB Flash memory, bluetooth 2.0, and 320 x 240 LCD screen. No price has been released yet. Via TechEBlog

ImCoSys Linux Smartphone

by Alexander on March 25, 2006

ImCoSys Linux Smartphone
Swiss-based ImCoSys has just announced its June 2006 release of its Linux Smartphone. The phone will feature GPS, Bluetooth, an internet browser with email functions, a document viewer that supports PDFs, a touchscreen, 64 MB Flash, and few other goodies (but no camera). The price will be around 300 Euros (about $350). Info via The Gadget Blog.

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Garmin Mobile GPS

by FreshEffect on March 25, 2006


Asking for directions is becoming more and more obsolete. You can now have GPS on the go for the Nokia, Windows Mobile, and Treo smartphones. The Garmin 20 GPS package comes with a phone mount with Bluetooth wireless speaker and microphone, and built-in phone charger. Dropping in July, this effective product will cause quite a stir. Via Pop Gadget.

Motorola Linux-Based SmartPhone

by Alexander on March 21, 2006

Motorola Linux-Based SmartPhone
The Motorola A1200 is a Linux-Based cell phone & PDA in one. It weighs about 3 ounces but isn’t short on features. With a 2.4 inch color touchscreen, it’s pretty fly for a Phone/PDA mix. Info via The Gadget Blog.