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Panasonic Drops VIERACast Plasmas This Summer

Panasonic will be releasing PZ850 series Plasma TVs this Summer. They come in 46-, 50- and 58-inch versions and will be available in mid-June along with a 65-incher in August. All three feature Picasa access, support for h.264 playback from the SD card slot, RS-232C, 24p native playback, and several display modes. Check out the video after the break. [Engadget] Read more

\"shinoda plasma\"

Next-generation large-screen display manufacturer Shinoda Plasma has unveiled a flexible, 1-millimeter thick, 125-inch film-type prototype display that can be used as a curved or wrap-around screen. The 3 x 1 meter plasma tube array (PTA) display (which actually consists of 3 seamlessly integrated 1 x 1 meter square sub-modules) offers a resolution of 960 x 360 and weighs 3.6 kilograms (8 lbs), or about 10 times less than a conventional plasma display. At a low-key unveiling on May 15, Shinoda Plasma announced plans to exhibit the device in June at the InfoComm 2008 conference in Las Vegas. [ShinodaPlasma]

Samsung Launches 2 New 3D PDP TVs

by Nicole on February 28, 2008

Samsung 42″ and 50” PDP TVs

Samsung will launch 2 new Plasma TVs in Korea and are available in 42″ and 50” models as well as 3D Ready. Samsung has gotten together with electronic arts to make sure these TVs will give the best gaming experience. Both TVs also got a DNIe+ (Digital Natural Image engine+). along with USB 2.0 Support, HDMI 1.3, and full HD with a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. No word on pricing or availability for these babies, hopefully they aren’t too pricey. [Akihabara] Read more

Panasonic Upgrades 103-inch Plasma TV

by Nicole on February 25, 2008

Pansonic TH-103PF10UK  Plasma TV

Panasonic released a plasma TV at CES 07 aka the “10 Series” that comes with better wall mount configuration, improved video processing technology, anti-Reflective coating, enhanced wireless presentation capabilities, more versatile media card readability, and a dual HDMI board came as a standard feature. This 103-inch plasma is currently going for an outrageous price of $70,000. If you’re a baller, you might wanna get this for your pad. [Uber]

Hitachi 1.5 HDTV

by Nicole on January 17, 2008

Hitachi 1.5 HDTV

Hitachi will release the ultimate HDTV. It’s a 1.5 inches thick Plasma HDTV 1080p and supports stuff like Wireless HD and wireless content streaming. Expect this baby to be available in the next couple of months and supposedly has something that other HDTV’s don’t, we’ll just have to wait and see.