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Panasonic DVD Car Navigation System

by Alexander on March 17, 2006

Panasonic DVD Car Navigation System
The Panasonic Strada will give you DVD Entertainment along with current driving directions. This will run you about $900 US and will release on April 10th. Info via TechEBlog.

New Sony PSP Accessories Screens

by FreshEffect on March 17, 2006

New Sony PSP Accessories Screens
Good news for Sony PSP owners. Sony is releasing new accessories this Summer that would make any PSP owner happy. From PSP cameras to GPS be on the look out. Via Engadget.

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Archos AV700 TV

by FreshEffect on March 16, 2006


The AV700 TV is as cutting-edge as portable media players get with a 7-inch widescreen display, digital TV receiver, 40GB HDD (100GB optional), and support for nearly all music/video formats. You can also record TV shows directly to the AV700 TV for playback later. It goes on sale in May (Europe only) at the price of $830. Via TechEBlog

From the article: “It features a patent-pending mobile reception system, with two tuners working in parallel, that provides better reception inside or out, or even in cars up to 130 km/h. “

Griffin Technology iTrip for Sony PSP

by Alexander on March 16, 2006

Griffin Technology iTrip for Sony PSP
Now you can use your Sony PSP stream your Mp3 Audio to any stereo with an FM Tuner through the new Griffin Technology iTrip for the Sony PSP. This accessory retails for $50 US. Info via Uncrate.

Motorola RAZR Returns

by Jeremiah on March 15, 2006

Motorola RAZR

Both T-Mobile and Cingular pulled the Motorola RAZR from sale last Thursday due to some issues with call-dropping. Well the RAZR is back without the problems. And if you have a defective unit it’s a good time to trade it in now.

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