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mSpy is the latest and most advanced safety and monitoring application which offers top quality tracking for your mobile devices as well as computer systems. The software can be installed on various devices to keep a check on all activities as well as tracking of location of your loved ones. This software is ideal for those who wish to keep a track on activities of their employees or children. Let’s know more about mSpy by reading the following:

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Website Builder

When we started back in 2006 we were faced with the challenge of building our own website. Luckily our editor in chief was also a web designer at the time. But we still had to go through the challenges of setting up our code properly, to sync with our design and layout. It was a fun experience but we wouldn’t have minded if there were a better or shorter way to do it.

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Want To Make Your Own Website? Start Here…

by Jeremiah on July 4, 2014


Yesterday we wrote about how happy we were with A Small Orange, and we had some inquiries about them from some of you who want to start your own websites. For the most part, however, you won’t require the scope of hosting that we do, so we went on a hunt to find you a viable web hosting solution is the winner. They currently have a special where you pay only £0.99 (about $1.7) for a year and you can have your own personal website. If this is not a deal then we don’t know what is. The package even comes with a series of easy to use, online tools so you can create your website, add social network features, an email campaign, etc. on the fly.

In their own words:

For everything in your life that matters most: the world tour last year, the wedding next year, your family, friends, pets, home and everything in between! You can make a website about your life instantly!

The company has been around for over a decade and is very trustworthy when it comes to online hosting. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee so you can dip in and give this a try, risk free.

If you have any more questions about web hosting and starting your own website, please feel free to contact us.

A Small OrangeHosting a high traffic site is tricky business. Site’s up, site’s down, which do you expect? Unfortunately for a tech blog such as ours it’s not that simple to keep our site up and running 24/7, glitch free. Through our many years of hosting with different providers, we’ve always had to face repeated downtime, due to massive traffic spikes, and sadly, sometimes to the web host’s incompetent nature.

But uptime is only a tip of the iceberg, we also crave for speed, flexibility, and scalability in order to serve our readers well. On top of that price had also always been a ruling factor over the years. In the beginning we spent hundreds of dollars on dedicated servers and massive VPS’es, only to disappoint. Luckily we bumped into the good folks at A Small Orange, where efficiency is key. We are now paying sub-$100 a month for a VPS that magically fits our heavy needs, with very little to no downtime at all. How do they do it, we’re not really sure, since others in the same class have failed us many times before. But we were raised not to question our luck, and with wind power backing them and an excellent team of support technicians, we have zero complaint to date.

So take an orange, and have a good day folks!

Introducing Our Friend, Budget Gadgets

by Jeremiah on February 15, 2009

Aluminum Laptop Cooling Pad

The holidays are over, but like any gadget junkie out there I still like to see what’s in store. And with the recession and all, my budget for gadgets are nothing but a minimum.

Then BudgetGadgets emailed me and told me they were sending free samples for TechFresh to check out.  BudgetGadgets is a variety-packed online shop where you can get the latest retail gadgets at wholesale prices. The samples they were kind enough to send us were a laptop cooling pad (pictured above), 2 awesome LED keychain flashlights, an aluminum USB dock and a soft case for the iPod touch.

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