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Wicked Lasers Are Really Wicked

by Jeremiah on September 8, 2008

Spyder II GX

Ever since the advent of Star Wars I’ve always been fascinated with lasers. And for a long time lasers simply stayed in my sci-fi fantasy because they’re either unreal or just way too expensive for me to fool with. Until now that is, when as a side-effect of owning a tech blog, I received a package from Wicked Lasers containing their most powerful Spyder II GX. While it’s no laser gun it definitely is no ordinary laser pointer either.  With it you can shoot stars, point at passing planes (note: it’s illegal and highly NOT RECOMMENDED unless you want to end up in jail), and light up cigarettes.  There’s of course a plethora more of stuff you can do with this baby, for which you can get more ideas from the laser community.  But in order to feel the real power of this laser you really have to ignore our words and just check it out on your own, if you have $1,699 lying around for a piece of cool toy that is.

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VTech IS6110 Review

by Alexander on July 19, 2008

VTech IS6110

The moment you see the VTech IS6110, you think it’s maybe a BlackBerry or Palm Treo, but it’s actually just a phone for your home. It’s actually much more than just a home phone; it’s a VoIP phone as well as a handy instant messenging tool. It has caller ID, call waiting, a full QWERTY keyboard, etc. etc. The sound is clear enough to hear a pin drop, the features are awesome though a bit cumbersome to learn, but for you tech savvy people it won’t be a problem. It’s definitely not your Grandma’s rotary dial phone… If you can afford it ($100), this phone is definitely a cool gadget! See more features after the break. Read more