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Honda's New Asimo Smiling

Remember the Asimo? Honda first introduced it about 15 years ago but now they are back with a better, blacker, badder version. With a smile. A creepy, malicious smile that tells you all sorts of weird you can imagine from a robot. And artificial intelligence laden robot too, which could single out multiple faces and voices in a crowd. It also has been enhanced with 13 degrees of hand dexterity and the ability to run faster, forwards and back, jump smoothly, and climb up and down the stairs effortlessly. It opens bottles and pours drinks like an expert and it can even express sign language, or give you a warning signal that it’s about to take you over. Luckily it doesn’t run faster than 5.6 MPH so it won’t be too difficult to escape in case you deem it life threatening. However as it can also predict and react to what’s going on around it, so it would make it a challenge to shut it down without mastering some kick-ass martial arts moves. Just kidding. Now smile!

[Press Release].

Honda's New Asimo

Walk Again with the FDA Approved ReWalk

by Anna on July 4, 2014

Taga Rewalk Exoskeleton

The US Food and Drug Administration has recently approved the most revolutionary robotic device – the ReWalk. It will enable people confined to wheel chairs due to injuries in the spinal cord to walk again. This is the first ever exoskeleton that is completely robotic and approved for home use in the US. The device will aid walking by moving the lower limbs of the person wearing it.

The ReWalk is strapped on the person’s legs and also onto the upper body for support. There is a motor at every joint including the ankles, knees and hips that is entirely controlled by an internal computer. The leg sections are enforced by additional straps near the midsection which also connect with the backpack containing the power batteries and the internal computer.

The wireless remote controller is worn on the wrist. The user stills needs crutches to stabilize him, but this device has great promise for the future as more research will be carried out to make it the best of its kind.

Honda MIIMO Robotic Lawnmower

by Johan on August 21, 2012

Honda MIIMO Robotic Lawnmower

Honda will release the MIIMO robotic lawnmower in Europe starting 2013. This robotic lawnmower is designed to cut 2-3mm of grass at a time, ensuring your lawn is always beautifully cut. The MIIMO also supports self-charging. The device constantly monitors the levels of its lithium-ion battery and automatically returns to the docking station when it needs to recharge. The MIIMO will be available in two versions such as the MIIMO 300 and MIIMO 500. As its name suggests, the MIIMO 300 offers a maximum perimeter cut of 300m, while the MIIMO 500 has a maximum perimeter cut of 500m. Sadly, there is no info on pricing or availability so far. [Newlaunches]

iRobot Roomba 650 Cleaning Robot

by Johan on August 14, 2012

iRobot Roomba 650 Cleaning Robot

iRobot has rolled out the Roomba 650 cleaning robot. The robot vacuum cleaner uses a patented three-stage cleaning system to clean carpets, tile, laminate, and hardwood floors. Additionally, the Roomba 650 also adopts the AeroVac Technology and a new brush design, allowing it to handle fibers like hair, pet fur, lint and carpet fuzz. The Roomba 650 retails for $399.99. [iRobot]

Double Robotics' Telepresence Robot For iPad

Double Robotics has created the telepresence robot for Apple’s iPad. Dubbed as the Double, this robot enables you to move around and join people in any location. It is easy to use. You just need to insert your iPad, and then touch the power switch to activate Double’s self-balancing sensors, keeping itself upright. The Double also has a retractable kickstand that will automatically deploy to conserve power when you are not moving around. The Double will be launched in December 2012 for $1,999. Watch the video after the jump. Read more