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Kompott Robotic Agent

Just about everyone loves social media and just about everyone also loves their grandma. Somehow though those two don’t seem to go all that well together due to most older people’s lack of technological prowess. The Kompott Robotic Agent is here to help the older generation get connected though. The robot will feature a touchscreen interface on, well, it’s face and will make navigating social media sites and chatting easier than ever. It will also feature a speech to text system so it can be used completely hands free. [SlashGear]

Iran’s Humanoid Robot

by Johan on July 5, 2010

Iran's Humanoid Robot

Iran has unveiled their latest humanoid robot namely the Soorena-2. Standing at 1.45-meter tall and weighing just 99 pounds, the robot was developed to engage in a number of sensitive activities that might benefit from an artificial hand. Too bad, the country hasn’t offered details on the robot’s specific duties or capabilities. For your info, the robot’s name is derived from an ancient Persian warrior. []

LG has decided to release the LG RoboKing VR5901KLK robot vacuum on July 1st, 2010. For your info, this robot vacuum cleaner is 30% faster compared to available products. The LG RoboKing robot VR5901KLK vacuum also boasts 112 cameras and 51 sensors. It only has a noise level of 50dB. [Akihabara]

Vietnam’s first robotics firm “Tosy” has proudly introduced the first humanoid waiter robot “Topio Dio” at Automatica 2010 (International Trade Fair for Automation and Mechatronics) in Germany. Developed as a service robot, or as so-called “Skillful Bartender and Waiter”, the Topio Dio measures 125Cm tall and weighs 45Kg. The robot is controlled via Wi-Fi connectivity and features 28 joints, 3 wheels, a built-in camera and sensor. No word on pricing so far. [Akihabara]

MSI Robot Vacuum MS800

by Johan on June 5, 2010

MSI Robot Vacuum MS800

The MSI M800 is a robotic vacuum cleaner with a powerful suction system and an arm that swipes at dirt and helps push it into the robot’s dust hungry mouth. What makes the MS800 special is that it has a self-charging capability. This robot vacuum also uses sonic sensors that stop the device from bumping into furniture. The MSI Robot Vacuum MS800 will be priced at around $400 each. MSI also makes two other robotic vacuums, the fancier R-1300, which features a webcam you can watch from your computer and use for household security, and the R-500 which has a super slim design but lacks the sonic sensors and self-charging capability of its siblings. Watch the video after the jump. Read more