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Spy Gear

Thecus Network Video Recording Solutions

Thecus has just unveiled their new line of networked video recording solutions that are meant for video surveillance and other video recording applications. They will be available in both rack mounts and desktop styles and will support multiple cameras. The devices are capable of recording in multiple different video formats so playback will be compatible with whatever device you are using for playback. At this time pricing on these devices is still unknown, but can you really put a price on security and piece of mind? [SlashGear]

HD Video Camera Analog Watch

Just about every kid in the world has had the dream of having the career of a professional spy. Sneaking around and collecting information on your suspect while remaining completely undetected is just too cool. Even if you are too old to be able to follow that dream, you can still have some fun with this new HD Video Camera Analog Watch. It is capable of capturing videos in 1280 x 960 pixel at 30fps as well as photos in 3264 x 2448. It will have 4GB of internal memory as well which can shoot for 70 minutes. [Akihabara]

Wild Planet Spy Video TRAKR

by Johan on February 13, 2010

Wild Planet Spy Video TRAKR

The Wild Planet Spy Video TRAKR is a new spy-gadget that comes equipped with a video camera, a built-in speaker and microphone. You can even program this toy via a computer. Priced at $120 each, this spy gadget won’t be available until October 2010. [CrunchGear]

LED Spy Light HD From Thanko

by Johan on February 12, 2010

LED Spy Light HD From Thanko

Thanko has launched its first LED Spy Light HD that is able to record AVI videos in 1280 x 960 at 30fps and capture JPEG pictures in 1600 x 1200. The device comes with a built-in pinhole camera, a USB port, and a microSD slot (SDHC maximum 16GB). If you are interested, you can buy the LED Spy Light HD for 9,550 Yen ($105). [GeekStuff4U]

Flashlight LED And Camcorder For Spies

by Johan on February 1, 2010

Brando Flashlight Spy Camera Camcorder

Brando has introduced their latest spy gadget in the form of the Flashlight LED Torch and Spy Camera Camcorder. The gadget comes equipped with a microSD slot, 8 LED torch, a USB port and a rechargeable battery. Its camcorder can capture VGA resolution video at 29fps. $59.90 is all you need to bring home the Brando Flashlight LED Torch and Spy Camera Camcorder. [Brando]