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Spy Gear

Flashlight LED And Camcorder For Spies

by Johan on February 1, 2010

Brando Flashlight Spy Camera Camcorder

Brando has introduced their latest spy gadget in the form of the Flashlight LED Torch and Spy Camera Camcorder. The gadget comes equipped with a microSD slot, 8 LED torch, a USB port and a rechargeable battery. Its camcorder can capture VGA resolution video at 29fps. $59.90 is all you need to bring home the Brando Flashlight LED Torch and Spy Camera Camcorder. [Brando]

JTT’s Spy Camera Keychain

by Johan on June 24, 2009

JTT's Spy Camera Keychain

Here is a tiny spy camera keychain from JTT that you can always carry with you wherever you go. Available in 4GB of storage space, the camera can take 1280×960 photos or record video in 640×480 resolution @ 29fps. Unfortunately, there is no word on pricing so far. [Akihabara via Digital Camera Blog]

Brando’s Tiny Sim Card Spy Ear

by Isaiah on April 29, 2009

Brando's Tiny Sim Card Spy Ear

Brando is back with another unique spy gadget, this time in the form of a tiny little box called the Tiny Sim Card Spy Ear. So here’s what it does: it works almost like a cellphone, just simply stick a Sim card in there, dial it, and the box will silently answer and then transmit back whatever it hears going on around it. Not to mention, this tiny device also comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and a single power LED. Get it now for just $65. Read more

The Tissue Box Hidden Camera DVR

by Isaiah on March 19, 2009

The Tissue Box Hidden Camera DVR

Looking for a perfect spy camera? Then check out the Tissue Box Hidden Camera DVR, I bet no one would suspect a DVR to be hiding underneath your kleenex. It captures every movement in high resolution 720×480 pixel D1 video for amazing video quality. It also manages to record in the light as well as in low light/dark conditions and even in black and white. Other features includes a rechargeable 6 hour battery, a hidden SD card slot and a remote control. The device retails for $599.95. [CoolestGadgets]

Spy Copter Records Videos From Up High

by Stephen on August 31, 2008

DraganFly X6 Recon Remote Control Helicopter

Draganflyer X6 R/C Helicopter is designed for aerial photography and video. It allows more frequent recon missions at a fraction of the cost of larger surveillance aircraft. Its anti-vibration camera mount is made to hold digital cameras (Night Vision/Thermal/Standard), Hi-Def camcorder, and weapons, offering 90 degrees of remote controlled tilt, while GPS technology will automatically hold the copter steady at one position.  The GPS feeds positioning data into the remote control’s LCD from which you get execute variety of tactile controls. It can climb 23 feet per second, turn 90 degrees in the same time or do fly-bys at 30 MPH. To get this cool recon copter, you will need to contact Draganflyer for price, availability and particulars about differing camera modules selection. [DraganFly VIA PeepCulture]