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Belt Buckle Spy Camera

by Isaiah on March 12, 2008

Belt Buckle Spy Camera

A company called Ajoka has managed to integrate a digital video spy cameras into a fairly normal looking belt buckle. This digital video recorder (DVR) is able to record video in the 3GP video format (176 x 144 pixels) which is typically the format used by mobile phones to record video. It also capable of recording audio and video onto a standard SD memory card slotted into the buckle. The DVR supports SD memory cards up to 2GB in size. Recording at roughly 500kb a minute for video, a 2GB memory card can store up to 65 hours of video. However, the internal rechargable battery is only capable of operating for 3 hours on a single battery charge. [Ajoka]

Teleport 2.0 Records Phone Conversations via USB

The Teleport 2.0 – made in Russia – is designed to keep phone call records (incoming and outgoing) and can also be used to record conversations. It connects to your computer via USB and records conversations with the included application. It is compatible with any telephone set and operated through Paliha-Teleport computer program (for Windows). Available for about $71. [OhGizmo]

Fingerprint Reader That Can Reject Fake Fingers

The Futronic has launches a new fingerprint scanner that is capable of distinguishing live human fingers from dead and fake fingers, which is pretty damn morbid. The FS88 fingerprint reader comes with an LED-illuminated scanning window made from glass that is 14mm thick. Measuring 2.6inch x 2.6inch x 1.15inch and weighing 5.3 ounces, the device features sensor resolution of 480 x 320 pixels, and 16KB of internal memory. What makes this biometric device cool is that it is is resistant to scratches or breakage and is able to detect fake fingers. There is no word on pricing so far. [WFD]

Thin Credit Card Voice Recorder From ThinkGeek

Priced at $69.99 the Ultra Thin Credit Card Voice Recorder from ThinkGeek measures in at only 6.5 millimeters thick. The device features 1GB of built-in storage, a flip-out USB connector, and flush-mounted controls. It also can act as an MP3 player and USB flash drive. The gadget records audio in WAV file format. [ThinkGeek]

Cell Phone SIM Card Spy: Catches Cheaters

by Nicole on February 27, 2008

Cell Phone SIM Card Spy

Now you wont need an actual lie detector to know whether or not your partner has been unfaithful. The new cell phone SIM card spy saves data from last dialed numbers to deleted SMS messages on a SIM card. The SIM card spy wont guarantee to save a relationship, but at this point if you had to resort to this then it’s a done deal. [CNetCrave via Upcoming Cell Phones]