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Buslink Flashdrive

by FreshEffect on March 29, 2006


Ever wanted to take your computer with you? Well now you can take all of it in this single flash drive. Buslink is introducing their 32GB and 64GB flash drives. Although it has a large price tag of $4,999.99 it will become very helpful. Buy it here. Via Coolest Gadgets.

Compact Sony Network Walkman A/E series

by Johnick on March 28, 2006

Compact Sony Network Walkman A/E series
If you think the days of the Sony Walkman are over, think again. Sony is supposed to introduce a new flash drive sized MP3 Walkmans which come in different colors and in 512 mb, 1 GB and 2 GB flavors. Other details are yet to be announced. The players come with a one-line display to show you what’s playing & also house a built in player button along with a USB connection slot, making them serious competitors in the iShuffle market. How’s that for ultra small, portable, and informative? Info via PC World.

New Imation Flash Drives

by FreshEffect on March 27, 2006

Created by Imation, these flash drives attach right to your backpack, belt-loops, and breifcases. The Clip Drives come in orange, blue, and black and in 256 MB to 2 GB, and they’ll be available at Target and other stores for between $30 and $120 by the end of April. Via SCI FI Tech.

Lucoms Mobile PC

by FreshEffect on March 27, 2006

For all those people who look for something more than a laptop here it is. Lucoms Ultra Mobile PC has a 7 inch screen that is perfect for watching media or using the internet. An addition to the beautiful screen this model has an Intel Pentium M900 processor, 512MB of memory, and a choice of a 30GB or 60GB hard drive. Pricing and availability have been released yet. Via TechEBlog.

RIM Blackberry

by FreshEffect on March 26, 2006


Here’s the followup to the Blackberry 8700 series released last year, here is a new 3G-enabled model. Pushing out 312MHz Intel PXA901, 16MB SRAM, 64MB Flash memory, bluetooth 2.0, and 320 x 240 LCD screen. No price has been released yet. Via TechEBlog