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Chasing ghosts isn’t quite a mainstream hobby, but considering that we are becoming more and more attuned to strange phenomena, it’s way better than being chased by a ghost. But to be a ghost hunter you need a proper device, as we have learned in our childhood from the likes of Ghostbusters. Luckily with today’s tech no longer we need those hefty equipments on our backs do go on a ghost hunting adventure.

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Lockitron Bolt

Coming home from the supermarket with a few bags of groceries in your arms and need to open the door? No wife inside, no problem. Beep beep.. bzzzttt.. click. Introducing Bolt from Lockitron. It’s a Bluetooth powered lock that can automatically unlock your door when you enter the proximity. It also comes with an iOS / Android app to enable you to give access to your family or guests. You can even track who’s been in and out of your house, and if you get the Bridge with it, you can remotely lock / unlock your door via the internet.

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Data Theft

Everyone wants peace of mind when they use their computer. After all, why shouldn’t you feel secure in your own home? Companies are consistently upping their game to make sure all your precious data that is stored and transferred, remains private and secure. Even something as seemingly simple as video conferencing has a need for beefed-up security measurements nowadays.

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Ever been to Stockholm, Sweden? Neither have we. But now you can make whoever might be snooping on you think you’re in Sweden.

A few days ago, The Pirate Bay promoted FrootVPN on their main page. Out of pure curiosity we checked it out and while it sounded a little too good to be true, they seemed legit and their offerings were too good to pass. So we jumped right in to test the waters and we’re quite surprised with the results. Most free VPN services out there are outright scams with slow speeds, but we’re getting decent speeds here with no noticeable issue across all our devices (a couple laptops and Androids).

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The Fastest Way to Exchange Your Cryptocurrencies

by Jeremiah on October 14, 2014


Shape Shift is the fastest way to exchange cryptocurrencies. You can swap coins instantly with no sign-ups, no emails, and no passwords. For now you can swap between Bitcoin, Litecoin, Darkcoin, Peercoin and Dogecoin, but we suspect that soon they would be adding more cryptocurrencies as they rise in popularity.

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