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5 Best Hi-Tech Home Security Gadgets

by Jeremiah on March 28, 2014


The world around us is not at all a safer place to live. So it is of paramount importance that you have the right security precautions installed in your home. There are various hi-tech security gadgets available on the market, each of them having their own unique functions.

Here are a few examples:

1. Fake TV
Many people leave on their lights or use random timers while on vacation, but that consumes electricity and is a well known tactic to the burglars. Leaving the television on is also akin to inviting accidents. So here is the latest device to fool the robbers into believing that there is actually somebody watching television at home- the fake TV. It runs on sensors that automatically turn the lights on as soon as it is dusk. When one looks in from the outside, he will notice flickers just like the light from a TV, but they are actually moving LEDs that fool the thief.

2. Home Office Security
Many people keep a home office, whether they are full-time freelancers or are employed for a larger company. That means you need to consider home office security along with home security, and prevent hackers from entering your computer just like you are preventing burglars from entering your home. Internet security software is a must-have for every home computer, as it stops hackers, phishers, and data thieves from entering your computer and stealing its contents. To prevent the computer itself from being stolen, install a location tracker such as Find My Mac. That way, if a burglar makes off with your device, you’ll be able to use GPS to locate your computer and apprehend the thief.

3. Barking Dog Alarm
Do you know that some home insurance companies do offer you a better deal if you have a guard dog at home? Dogs can deter a burglar from entering the home. If you do not think you can take the responsibility of a dog, the least you can do is install a barking dog alarm. The barking dog alarm has motion sensors that detect any motion. It works in three stages. As the intruder is approaching, it will sound warning bark. If a burglar is still approaching, then it will constantly play the barking sound. In the third and final stage, the intruder will hear the barking of a really mad dog that is preparing for an attack. Speaking of dogs, there is yet another device, the robot resembling a dog that moves on wheels and keeps a vigil. Just imagine the plight of the intruder when he hears your voice via the dog!

4. Biometric Door Lock
The locking system has grown advanced over the years and these days you have not only keys that cannot be duplicated, but also locks that open with fingerprint. Biometric locks involve state-of-the art techniques and run on a battery. Several fingerprints can be programmed in it and hence it is ideal for a family. Some of these locks also have options for installing passwords or back-up keys, which serve as an added layer of security. Breaking the system is a very tough job and biometric locks are found even in lockers.

5. Doorstop Wedge Alarm
The doorstop wedge alarm is yet another hi-tech security device that is placed right behind the door. As soon as the intruder breaks in, the wedge alarm will be turned on and will ring at a deafening intensity of 120 decibels. This smart gadget is also a portable device that can be carried with you elsewhere, like in hotels and dorms.

Intel Atom Z2610 Processor For Android Tablets

by Johan on February 27, 2012

Intel Atom Z2610 Processor For Android Tablets

Intel today unveiled its first Medfield processor namely the Intel Atom Z2610. Based on a Penwell SoC 32nm core, this new processor is designed for tablets or smartphones with the Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. The new CPU supports LPDDR2 memory, dual camera with up to 16-megapixel, an SGX540 graphics core for 2D and 3D acceleration, HDMI, USB 2.0, and LP Audio. The Intel Atom Z2610 is powerful enough to handle 1080p data encoding or 1080p dual-stream decoding. Additional features include WiDi, a built-in security engine, remote wipe capability, protected memory and protected apps. Intel will release the Atom Z2610 “Medfield” processor in the second quarter of 2012. [PCLaunches]

OmniTouch Transforms Any Surface Into Touchscreen

Microsoft Research and the Carnegie Mellon Human Computer Interaction Institute have collaborated to create the OmniTouch. It is a wearable device that turns any surface in the user’s environment such as notebooks, walls, body parts, or tables into a touch interface. The OmniTouch enables graphical, interactive, multitouch input on everyday surfaces. The device uses a pico projector and a 3D scanner that work on a similar principle to the Microsoft Kinect. Watch the video after the jump to get more details. Read more

Rescue Water-Jet Pack

by Johan on August 21, 2011

Resque Water-jet Pack

Designed by Jurmol Yao, the Rescue Water-Jet Pack is designed for water rescues inaccessible by lifeboat. Using high-pressure water generated by the pump, the user navigates the flyer via foot controls, freeing the arms for rescue maneuvers. The Rescue Water-Jet Pack was inspired by the JetLev Flyer, a flying machine that uses high-pressure water columns to generate thrust. See pore pictures after the jump. Read more

Samsung Mobile Has Installed New Charging Stations At Washington Airport

Samsung Mobile today announced the installation of 20 newly designed charging stations in all of the terminals at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA). These redesigned Samsung Mobile charging stations provide six electrical outlets compatible for U.S. voltage (i.e., 120 volts), two USB charging outlets, four micro USB mobile phone charging plugs and a touchscreen display that provides travelers with informational content including news, weather and flight information. For your info, Samsung Mobile has installed more than 421 charging stations in 12 of the nation’s busiest airports that are accessible to more than 400 million passengers, 83 charging stations at 20 of the nation’s largest college campuses, six charging stations at The Las Vegas Convention Center and five charging stations at The Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN. [Press Release]

The Prism 200c Through-wall Radar System

The Prism 200c through-wall radar from Cambridge Consultants is an upgraded version og the Prism 200. This lightweight radar system can easily and covertly fit into a backpack to stay unnoticeable. All users have to do is place the Prism 200c through-wall radar against a wall, and it will detect the location and movement of any people that are inside the room. The Prism 200c is designed for military or special forces that encounter high risk and hostile situations. By knowing where their enemies are hiding, they will be able to avoid walking into any ambushes and they can look for unguarded entry points into a building. [Cambridge Consultants]

Equipois x-Ar Exoskeleton

by Johan on March 11, 2011

Equipois x-Ar Exoskeleton

Equipois has introduced with a new product called the x-Ar. It is the exoskeletal arm support system that lets users move their arms freely without fatigue or injury and with greater efficiency and control. The Equipois x-Ar turns the most tedious and repetitive tasks you perform on a daily basis into something effortless to increase your productivity. No word on pricing or availability, but you can contact Equipois for more details. [Equipois]

Small Vibration-driven Generator To Replace Button Batteries

Toshiyuki Ueno, a Japanese researcher at Kanazawa University, has developed a small-size vibration-driven generator that measures approximately 2mm x 3mm x 12mm and can output a power of 1.56mW with a vibration of 357Hz. The energy density of this tiny generator is about 22mW/cm3, which is roughly 20 times higher than the energy density of a normal small vibration-driven generator. According to him, the energy density is high enough to replace a button battery. Toshiyuki Ueno is planning to apply the generator to tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMSes) for automobiles and mobile devices. [TechON]

Designed by Mika Yamamoto, the Electrolux WAVE Ultra Sonic Wine Ager and Fridge will create a delicious aged wine for you. The fridge features a two-layered shelf structure with inner walls that emit ultrasonic waves. These waves are said to react with wine molecules to age them. There is a custom touchscreen that helps you navigate through the settings, helping you determine the speed of aging at the touch of a button. Sadly, the Electrolux WAVE is only a concept. Read more

Pioneer HVT Audio System Concept

by Johan on October 12, 2010

Pioneer has recently unveiled its HVT audio system concept at CEATEC 2010 in Japan. HVT stands for “Horizontal-Vertical Transforming” where Pioneer is working on offering the flattest possible set of speakers in order to build-up ultra-slim products like wall-mounted all in one Home Entertainment that will for example (see photo) offer a Flat TV, with Flat 5.1 Virtual Surround speakers and iPod Dock (behind the mirror on the left side of the TV in the picture), or ultra Flat powerful Audio speakers and finally High-end high-quality ultra slim PC speakers. [Newlaunches]