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Make G-Dog Your Next New Buddy

by Vie on November 10, 2008

G-Dog Robot

Can’t get enough of those Aibos? Here’s a new one for you to consider. HPI recently released their new G-Dog that’s tagged approximately at $1,287. Take full control of this hi-tech pooch and make him do some tricks. Weighing at just 570g, you can expect this robot buddy in the stores this month. More pictures after the jump. [Akihabara]

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Philips goLITE Helps You Fight Winter Blues

by Vie on November 5, 2008

Philips goLITE Blu

Feeling all gloomy and moody this winter? Here’s a perfect device that can solve your problem. Introducing Philips goLITE, a bluewave therapy that helps your hormones to boost your mood, even when you sleep. All you need to do is to use it at least 15 minutes every day and you’ll notice the difference. It is also completed with alarm clock for your convenience. The light is perfectly safe for your eyes because the technology doesn’t produce UV or near UV-light. Tagged at $275, this will also make a fine holiday gift. [Philips]

Rødovre Sky Village, Copenhagen, Denmark

The municipality of Rødovre of Copenhagen, Denmark, announced today the Sky Village as the winner of the Rødovre Skyscraper design competition.  This 116 meter tall tower will accommodate apartments, a hotel,  offices, and a public park and a plaza.

Rødovre Sky Village, Copenhagen, Denmark

With 21,688m2 of real estate the new skyscraper will be located at Roskildevej, on the East side of Copenhagen. The design is based on a flexible grid, allowing possible modifications by re-arranging the units. Each ‘pixel unit’ is 60m2 square and are attached to the central core of the structure. This strategic design creates a stacked neighborhood, which they call a Sky Village.  It will also integrate the most advanced technologies suit to satisfy the Danish environmental standards.  [CONTEMPORIST] Read more

Light-emitting Electrochemical Cell

by Jeremiah on October 12, 2008

Light-emitting Electrochemical Cell

Light-emitting Electrochemical Cell (LEEC) derives from acquired alien technology from UFO crash landings.  Wait, no, it’s a breakthrough approach to cheap lighting devices from the Basel University.

The present invention relates to a light-emitting electrochemical cell comprising at least two electrodes, and an electroluminescent material arranged between said two electrodes, wherein the electroluminescent material comprises a charged metal complex. It also relates to a method for manufacturing light-emitting electrochemical cells, and to substances which may be used as electroluminescent substances.

If that’s all jibberish to you that’s ok.  Basically it means a promise of cheaper lights and more efficient energy use in the future, for which they should have our full support.  [OLED-Display]