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Equipois x-Ar Exoskeleton

by Johan on March 11, 2011

Equipois x-Ar Exoskeleton

Equipois has introduced with a new product called the x-Ar. It is the exoskeletal arm support system that lets users move their arms freely without fatigue or injury and with greater efficiency and control. The Equipois x-Ar turns the most tedious and repetitive tasks you perform on a daily basis into something effortless to increase your productivity. No word on pricing or availability, but you can contact Equipois for more details. [Equipois]

Small Vibration-driven Generator To Replace Button Batteries

Toshiyuki Ueno, a Japanese researcher at Kanazawa University, has developed a small-size vibration-driven generator that measures approximately 2mm x 3mm x 12mm and can output a power of 1.56mW with a vibration of 357Hz. The energy density of this tiny generator is about 22mW/cm3, which is roughly 20 times higher than the energy density of a normal small vibration-driven generator. According to him, the energy density is high enough to replace a button battery. Toshiyuki Ueno is planning to apply the generator to tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMSes) for automobiles and mobile devices. [TechON]

Designed by Mika Yamamoto, the Electrolux WAVE Ultra Sonic Wine Ager and Fridge will create a delicious aged wine for you. The fridge features a two-layered shelf structure with inner walls that emit ultrasonic waves. These waves are said to react with wine molecules to age them. There is a custom touchscreen that helps you navigate through the settings, helping you determine the speed of aging at the touch of a button. Sadly, the Electrolux WAVE is only a concept. Read more

Pioneer HVT Audio System Concept

by Johan on October 12, 2010

Pioneer has recently unveiled its HVT audio system concept at CEATEC 2010 in Japan. HVT stands for “Horizontal-Vertical Transforming” where Pioneer is working on offering the flattest possible set of speakers in order to build-up ultra-slim products like wall-mounted all in one Home Entertainment that will for example (see photo) offer a Flat TV, with Flat 5.1 Virtual Surround speakers and iPod Dock (behind the mirror on the left side of the TV in the picture), or ultra Flat powerful Audio speakers and finally High-end high-quality ultra slim PC speakers. [Newlaunches]

TDK Unveils New 1TB Optical Disks

by Johan on October 11, 2010

TDK Unveils New 1TB Optical Disks

TDK has proudly introduced the new 1TB or 1000GB optical disk at CEATEC this week. The new 1TB disc has the same diameter as a standard Blu-ray disc, but with 16 layers, storing 32GB per side of each layer (32 layers each storing 32GB = 1TB of data). For your info, TDK has successfully created a 200GB disk in 2006, but it never came into mass market. Stay tuned for more updates. [Geek]