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Samsung 40nm 8GB DDR3 RAM For Notebooks

by Johan on September 26, 2010

Samsung today introduced the 40nm-based 8GB DDR3 RAM, which is known as the highest density memory module available for laptops and mobile workstations. FYI, Dell is the first company to offer these high-performance memory modules in their Precision M6500 mobile workstation. The Samsung 40nm 8GB DDR3 RAM features the best power-performance ratio, which uses 1.5V of power and operates at 1333MHz. A single 8GB DDR3 module consumes only 53% less power than two 4GB DDR3 modules. [SamsungHub]

METIS iReach Bionic Prosthetic Arm

by Johan on August 10, 2010

C. Darius Delaunay-Driquert has designed the METIS iReach Bionic Prosthetic Arm that connects to the human nervous system and gives an amputee a full 360-degree range of motion, as well as access to virtual dimensions via integrated 3G and Wi-Fi. Too bad, it is only a concept at this time. See more pictures after the jump. Read more

Murata Wireless Power Transmission System

While it isn’t quite ready for the market yet, we are getting closer and closer to wireless power transmission everyday. One of the pioneers of this field would definitely be Murata who have just announced the development of a new power transfer technology, which is a field-coupled wireless power transmission system that is capable of supplying power to devices wirelessly. The devices will be able to be charged by simply placing them on the charger without any need for power cords or physical connections. This one is expected to become available in 2011. [Akihabara]

Morphware Plate

Nick Smigielski has a dream that you can download real life products just like you would download an application from the internet. He has come with this morph ware plate concept, which if it gets off the ground, could change the way we think about downloads forever. The device is a bit complicated but basically allows you to download designs and shapes for your plates off of the internet and then the device will turn round disks into the plates that you have just downloaded. Please take a look after the jump for a more visual description of how it works.

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JinKo Monocrystalline Module

JinKo Solar has just outed an interesting new design which is being seen for the first time at Intersolar 2010, which is a conference being held in Munich, Germany. This is their new monocrystalline module, which for now is known just as the JKM185M-72. The high performing modules has a tolerance of just +/-3% high wind pressure, snow load and extreme temperature, which is an industry low. When this one actually releases it will feature a 5 year warranty on products, materials and processing technology. [AVING]