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Sony 1.2kWh-class Energy Storage Module

It is always interesting to track the advancements of battery technology and Sony has just released a really interesting new 1.2kWh-class Energy Storage Module. The most notable feature here is the use of li-ion rechargeable batteries that have cathodes made from a material called “olivine-type lithium iron phosphate cell”. This will allow for higher power output, long life performance and excellent thermal stability. The device will be able to be used as a supplement to stationary power supplies for data servers or as a backup supply for mobile phone wireless base stations. [UberGizmo]

Hungry Batteries Concept

by Johan on May 21, 2010

Designer Mac Funamizu comes back with his latest creation in the form of the Hungry Batteries concept. These rechargeable batteries get slimmer and slimmer as they run out of juice. The thinner it is, the emptier the battery is. When the battery is full, it is just as straight as a normal battery. Too bad, there is no info on what kind of materials to be used for the casing. Check out more pictures after the jump to get more details. Read more

Panasonic Lithium-Ion Battery To Power Up A House

Panasonic and Sanyo have partnered to create a Lithium-ion battery that would be powerful enough to store enough energy to run a household for a week. They will launch this device in 2011. This lithium-ion battery will be better than the existing fuel cells which are considered as efficient power storage for home use. The battery will be paired with a system that allows users to monitor electricity usage on their household. Stay tuned for more updates. [Greenlaunches]

OCZ Cryo-Z Advanced Cooling Solution For Overclockers

OCZ’s Cryo-Z is an advanced cooling solution that uses the phase-change technology to achieve sub-zero temperatures at the CPU. The very cold air produced by the equipment is blown to a copper block that is attached on top of the CPU. The Cryo-Z has a built-in temperature monitoring and control circuitry that will keep the temperature at a steady level of -45 to -50 degree Celsius at the nozzle. If the temperatures fall outside a predefined range, the system will automatically be shut down by the Cryo-Z control unit. OCZ recommends the motherboard to be covered with silicone gel to prevent condensation. The OCZ Cyro-Z retails for $379.99. [FrozenCPU]

Iceotope Liquid Cooling System For Servers

Iceotope has successfully developed a new way to solve the heat problem in high density server computers. The company claims that this new technology will decrease server cooling costs by 93%, or if you were cooling 1,000 servers, you will save for around $788,400 in three years. The Iceotope system immerses each server motherboard in a bath of inert coolant, which is circulated via a pump at the back of the server rack. Iceotope will demonstrate this technology at Supercomputing 2009 in Portland, Oregon. Watch the video after the jump to get more info. Read more