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Sifteo Cubes Now Available For Pre-order

by Johan on August 10, 2011

Sifteo Cubes Now Available For Pre-order

Sifteo today announced the upcoming general availability of its Sifteo cubes to U.S. and Canadian customers. The Sifteo cubes are motion-aware 1.5-inch blocks with full-color screens that wirelessly connect with a personal computer during play to create unique interactions when shaken, tilted, rotated and neighbored next to one another. The company has also announced the availability of the Sifteo Creativity Kit, which is included with the purchase of every Sifteo Pack. The Sifteo Creativity Kit enables Sifteo users to customize an endless array of gameplay experiences for themselves and others using their Sifteo cubes. The Sifteo Creativity Kit lets users easily create a range of mini-games tailored to their unique interests, from learning foreign languages and ordering chemical elements by atomic weight, to word play games and number puzzles. The Sifteo Pack consists of three Sifteo cubes, a Sifteo charging dock and a USB radio link, which wirelessly connects these cubes to any Windows or Mac computer, enabling users to download and play the latest Sifteo games. The Sifteo Pack is priced at $149. You can also purchase additional Sifteo cubes for $45 each. Read more

Wicked Lasers Sith Series

by Johan on May 11, 2011

Wicked Lasers Sith Series

Wicked Lasers is back with the new Sith Series handheld laser. Known as the world’s first double handed laser, the gadget features a couple of Class 4 1-watt Spyder 3 lasers. This handheld laser may look like a futuristic weapon, but attempting to play or duel with a pair of Class 4 burning lasers will result in permanent blindness to anyone exposed to the Sith’s Dual Laser beams or reflections. The Sith Series double handed laser is now available at Wicked Lasers’ website for $599.95. [Product Page]

WowWee Roboscooper

The line of WowWee Robots has been a big success because they appeal to both sides of robot lovers, those that love functional robots and those that love funny and cute looking robots. The latest WowWee Robot to release is this new WowWee Roboscooper. His name is pretty descriptive of exactly what it is that he does, scoops things up. Unfortunately there is a weight restriction, and it is pretty, well, restrictive. He can only pick up things that weigh one ounce. Don’t worry though because he will still look extra cute doing it. Just please don’t make him scoop up anything you wouldn’t want to scoop up yourself, you know what we mean. You can pick him up for just $70. [GearLog]

Air Hogs Hawk Eye RC Helicopter

Helicopters have got to be one of the coolest toys that you can play with as a full grown adult and not be ashamed of at all. This new Air Hogs Hawk Eye remote control helicopter is able to give you all of the fun of flying a helicopter around with none of the pain of emptying out your bank account. The helicopter features a built in camera that is capable of taking stills or 5 minutes of 320 x 240 video in VGA quality. The best part is that you can have this much fun for only $65. [OhGizmo]

The Stig Helicopter

If you are at all familiar with BBC automotive program known as Top Gear, then you know all about that mysterious character who never takes his mask off called only “The Stig”. Well it looks like he is getting his very own helicopter released in his honor, and even if you aren’t a fan of the show it looks like a whole lot of fun to play with. The helicopter will feature twin rotors which allow for a much higher level of maneuverability compared to single tail rotor helicopters. The best part is that this one won’t break your bank, retailing at just $60. [CrunchGear]