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Parrot AR.Drone

The Parrot AR.Drone could be one of the coolest gadgets that we have come across in a long time. This is a quadricopter which is apparently a new concept as spellcheck certainly isn’t recognizing it. The device can be piloted from an iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad and will feature open source technology so that you can create your own levels and methods of flying. If you are interested in preordering one of these before its official September 3rd release, then you can do so at the Brookstone website for $299. [SlashGear]

Rubik's Slide

One of the toys that was the most frustrating for kids of the 1980’s was without a doubt the Rubik’s Cube. If you were able to finally solve it then you were the envy of all of your friends, and thought of to be the smart kid of the group. Now a new updated version of the classic cube is being released called the Rubik’s Slide. This version will be electronic and will have many different games besides the normal puzzle solving game. The blocks can be changed by sliding your fingers across the face of it similar to an iPhone. [GearDiary]

R2-D2 Remote Control Watch

by Johan on July 13, 2010

R2-D2 Remote Control Watch

The R2-D2 Remote Control Watch is a combination of a toy and a digital watch. The gadget not only tells the time, but it is also the remote control for the R2 figure. The Artoo figurine clips on to the watch band, so the droid is always with you, ready for action. The R2 D2 Remote Control Watch retails for $29.99 from the Star Wars Shop. [Product Page]

Remote Radio Control Sub Boat Diving Submarine

As kids almost all of dream of exploring the deep blue sea and of course the best and safest way to do that would be in a submarine. As we get older we realize that some of those dreams might not ever happen but there are still ways that we can reenact our childhood dreams. With this Remote Radio Control Sub Boat Diving Submarine, you was a device that is powered by two motors. It is quite a capable little toy and can perform quick descents and rise back up to the top in no time. [7Gadgets]

Remote Controlled Reconnaissance Plane

by Johan on June 19, 2010

Remote Controlled Reconnaissance Plane

Using the Remote Controlled Reconnaissance Plane from Hammacher, you can take aerial pictures and videos from hundreds of feet above the ground. This toy comes with a built-in digital camera that records up to 15 pictures at the push of a button on the three-channel remote. You can download these pictures using the included USB cable and software than runs on Windows XP/Vista. What’s more, the Remote Controlled Reconnaissance Plane is also able to record up to 14 seconds of video. The plane has a 500′ range and can soar for six minutes on a 20-minute charge of its rechargeable battery. [Hammacher via RedFerret]