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Hot Toys Iron Man Mark 2 1/6th Scale Figure

by Isaiah on September 11, 2008


Hot Toys has plans to release a 1:6 scale collectible figure of Tony Stark’s Mark 2 Iron Man prototype suit. The figure features over 36 points of articulation, Metal-like painting, light up eyes and heart, articulated flaps on the back and legs, working forearm missile, three interchangeable hands and an alternative head that features a rising face-plate revealing Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. Expected to be released in Winter 2008. [Hot Toys]

Desktop Kung Fu Boys

by Isaiah on August 15, 2008


Add a little fun to your desktop with these animated martial arts kids ‘KANFUBOI’ (Kung-Fu-Boy). Just set the little dudes on your desktop, switch ‘em on, and watch the punches fly. A built-in sound sensor sets punches flying on your unsuspecting victims. Unfortunately, these fun desk toys only available in Japan for Â¥1995 (appx. $18 USD) each. [e-goods]

Plastinkus Portable Scratch Pad

by Johan on July 29, 2008

Plastinkus Portable Scratch Pad

Your DJ buddies may laugh at you, but if you’re brave enough to try, these Plastinkus portable scratch pads will boost your cool with the ladies. Small as credit cards, they create good enough sounds close to the real thing. Each pad will set you back around $4.27 a pop, chump change for an ego upgrade. [Product Page] Read more

Dilus Teddy Bear Hybrid Concept

by Stephen on July 24, 2008


The following description may resemble R2-D2 of Star Wars. This teddy bear will have holographic display so kids can surf the internet, play games, and attend remote classes. It has been tested by some hospitalized children who are unable to go past their rooms. The designer hopes it will make it to consumer as early as 2010. [Bruno Oro]

Mouse Shaped Soaps

Are you l33t enough to take your gadgets in the shower?  If you are, check out these kewl mouse shaped soaps. They’re only prototypes, but it kinda gives you hope eh?  😉 [technabob via PeepCulture]