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USB DJ Plasma Tube From Brando

by Johan on May 27, 2008

USB DJ Plasma Tube From Brando

Brando’s USB DJ Plasma Tube reacts to the beats of the music and dance to the rhythm. The device features Lightning or Music/Sonic switch and an adjustable tube lamp lightning strength level with a knob. Available in Blue, Green and Red, the USB DJ Plasma Tube from Brando retails for $15 each. [Gizmodo] Read more

BrickGun Glock 17

by Johan on May 16, 2008

BrickGun Glock 17

The BrickGun Glock 17 looks real. It is built to a 1:1 scale and features many details of the actual glock. You can actually pull the trigger and the striker falls with a sharp “click”. The slide can also be locked open when the magazine has been emptied. Flip the lock down with your thumb and the slide slams shut, ready to “fire” again. The pricing info is still unavailable. [Product Page]

LED R/C Plane

by Isaiah on May 9, 2008

\"led rc plane\"

Build a night flyer that will wow the crowds! With this 150 LED-equipped R/C plane, flying an R/C plane in the darkness of night will be a whole new experience. [Gizmodo]

Anti-gravity Globe

by Johan on March 16, 2008

Anti-gravity Globe

Here is an Anti-gravity globe that uses sensors and micro-processors to calibrate the embedded electromagnet in the base to properly suspend the globe. The globe comes with an AC Power Adaptor (120V US). The Anti-gravity Globe retails for $79.99. Video after the jump. Read more

USB Parrot: Encourages Piracy

by Nicole on February 29, 2008

USB Mechanical Parrot

Thanks to a USB port, this USB Parrot is able to speak random phrases which are picked up in passing when a phrase is repeated enough along with mechanical wings that add to the reality of it. Now you can feel like a real pirate while making your illegal downloads with this USB parrot as your sidekick.$39