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Honda Jet Sky

Ever want to hire or even acquire your own personal jet? Look into the HondaJet, just released week at Honda’s world HQ in Greensboro, North Carolina, for its first flight.

The HondaJet is currently the world’s most sophisticated light jet, with its patented Over-The-Wing Engine Mount (OTWEM) system, natural laminar flow wing, and composite fuselage. Flying at a maximum cruise speed of 420 knots (483 mph) with a maximum altitude of 43,000 feet, this aircraft can travel at an NBAA IFR range of 1,180 nautical miles (1,357 miles), which makes it the fastest, most spacious and most fuel-efficient jet in its class.

It comfortably seats up to five passengers so you can carry your family, secretary or business associates wherever you go. The aircraft will enter service in 2015 so save up that money.

Honda Jet

Honda Jet Cockpit

Honda Jet Cabin

Honda Jet


The Segway, back when it was first released was supposed to be the new age of modern pedestrian transportation, although it never quite caught on as well as the company had hoped. Now, the German manufacturer called Ewee has created their own Segway-like device called the Ewee-PT. The PT, which stands for personal transporter, uses the same mechanisms as the Segway and is capable of reaching speeds up to 16 km/h. The Ewee-PT will come pre-assembled and ready to use out of the box and will cost $1,039. [SlashGear]

Fortune Hanebrink All Terrain Bike

If you are into the world of big boy toys and are looking for something new to satisfy your cravings then maybe the Fortune Hanebrink All Terrain Bike is just your ticket. It is a zero emissions vehicle that is powered by a 600W brushless motor which is in turn powered by a 10Ah lithium ion battery pack. With a 14 speed gearbox and tubeless tires you should be able to navigate even the most difficult of terrains. [UberGizmo]

Aequus 7.0 Solar Electric Boat

We have seen many solar electric cars and scooters over the past years as they become more an more popular in our growingly green conscious world, but what about boats? This new Aequus 7.0 Solar Electric Boat can accommodate up to seven people and includes a fully functional toilet with wastewater tank and a shower. It is powered by solar panels on the canopy which in turn charge the onboard batteries. Now if they could just make a boat that runs purely on water they would really be in business. [EcoFriend]

Scarab Self-Driven Police Car

In many states there are laws in place ordering policemen not to chase fleeing criminals as it often results in more casualties and injuries than it does result in anything worthwhile. The problem with that is obviously that criminals know that they can easily get away from the police pretty easily. The Scarab Self-Driven Car could be the answer to all of those problems by removing the human element from the high speed chase scenario. It has been designed by Carl Archambeault and is 100% self-driven, lightweight, compact and emits zero emissions. When a speeding vehicle is tagged with a radar gun the Scarab will immediately set off to hunt the vehicle down. [EcoFriend]