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Iqua VizorSun BlueTooth Handsfree

Iqua VizorSun is a bluetooth handsfree speaker for automobile that recharges itself using solar energy through the windshield of your car. It practically has unlimited talk time, as long as you drive under optimal lighting. Its flexible panel and large buttons are easy to use. You get to answer/end/reject call, and make voice-dial at the tip of your fingers. It is compatible with any bluetooth mobile phones that support headset or handsfree profile. [Iqua]

The Dirtsurfer Freestyle = Bike + Skateboard !

by Isaiah on August 22, 2008


When it comes to extreme sports, this hybrid-type vehicle can be an alternative mode of transport. The Freestyle Dirtsurfer combines Bike + Skateboard, which allows you to go faster than an ordinary skateboard, but you will need to learn how to balance it like a bike. It uses a lever-activated disc brake mounted on the rear wheel to help you stop, so you won’t have to worry about not stopping! Priced at $450. [Likecool]

PLX Kiwi Fuel-Saving Device

The PLX Kiwi is device you plug to your car to monitors driving habits. According to energy research, efficient, sensible driving by observing the speed limit can improve your fuel efficiency by up to 33%. Aggressive driving such as rapid acceleration, exceeding the speed limit, and heavy braking wastes gas. The PLX Kiwi’s sophisticated mathematic algorithms are designed to calculate and optimize your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and reduce the output of global warming CO2. The device rate on how good your efficiency habit is, with 100 as the top score. Currently retails for $299. [PLXKiwi]


Engineered by the team at Lotus Engineering, the Lotus Ice Vehicle concept was developed to be taken to Antarctica on the Moon Regan TransAntarctic Expedition. It is designed to run on snow and ice, obviously, and sit on three skis, much like a snow mobile. this biofuel-powered, propeller-driven vehicle boasts an ice penetrating radar to detect potentially perilous crevasses. To be able to withstand the harsh polar environment, the Lotus Ice Vehicle has been tested in Sweden. [Autoblog]

Delta Airlines To Get In-Flight WiFi

by Isaiah on August 9, 2008


Surfing the web at 35,000 feet? Sure you can, just wait a year more! Delta Airlines is set to introduce broadband Wi-Fi access onboard more than 330 aircraft operating in the continental United States next year. It will cost you around $9.95 on flights lasting up to three hours and $12.95 on longer trips. The airline will use Aircell’s Gogo service which makes use of a US-wide network of mobile broadband ground-towers. Just be patient ok! [Delta Airlines]