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Emirates Airline’s new superjumbo A380 Airbus is offering its first class passengers a new line of luxury. For a mere £4,737 first class passengers will be able to enjoy a five-minute shower during a flight between Heathrow and Dubai. Each shower has been designed to accommodate just one person at a time. The showers are regulated through a software programme that gives people a five-minute shower. A traffic light system would let passengers know how long they had left. Other features include 14 flat-bed, massage-equipped ‘Private Suites’ which include remote controlled doors, a work desk, an electrically controlled mini-bar and the most advanced in-flight entertainment system available to travellers. [MailOnline]

All New 2009 Lincoln MKS

by Stephen on July 30, 2008


The sweet thing about this car is that it reacts, almost like it has life on its own. The car adjust your speed while cruising, it accelerates or slows down depending on the traffic. It turns off your high beams when another car is coming your way. It also intelligently finds road information and look for the cheapest gas around. All these can be accomplished without having you ever touch any button. Another cool thing is that when you are using the car, it has a sleek pad embedded in the door that lights up when used, type in the four digit code and the door opens. On the road, the MKS uses a 3.7-liter V-6 to run, the engine’s 265-pound-feet of torque provides loads of power. MKS carries the new flagship for Ford Motor Co.’s luxury brand. [LINCOLN]

Introducing 2009 BMW M3

by Vie on July 29, 2008

Here’s a sneak peek of the latest BMW M3 that will be launched in 2009. Notice the bumpers, lights and interiors that look much better and less awkward than their previous ones. Expect this on the roads soon! [Jalopnik]

Lightning GT Preview

by Stephen on July 28, 2008


Lightning GT is another electric car at London 2008 auto festival besides Tesla roadster. Lightning GT uses NanoSafe battery that can last for 12 years versus 3.5 years that of conventional. It’s also offering few other standard features such home based charging system (EVCS), alloy wheels, part leather / alcantara sports seat, and acoustic information and entertainment system. Its unique regenerative braking converts energy from friction to electrical. This electric car can go as fast as 130 Mph. Reportedly will be more expensive than Tesla ($300.000), although no confirmed price has been unveiled. [LightningCar]

BMW Concept of 2015

by Stephen on July 26, 2008


Displaying above is one of twelve BMW concepts of 2015 designed by students of transportation design at Turin-based IED (Instituto Europeo di Design) in collaboration with BMW. The physical designs revolve around functionalities that may arise in 2015. The BMW already have plans for these 12 concepts. There will 8 concepts to be developed in 1:4 smaller models, the remaining 4 will be turned into virtual models. [CarBodyDesign]