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Noble M15 Super Car

by FreshEffect on April 8, 2006


Noble supercar the M15 has just been released. This supercar is comes with a 450 hp/455 ft lb engine and can accelerate from 0-60 in just 3.3 seconds. With a top speed of 185mph, you will get to places much faster. The M15 is available now in Britain for $130,000 USD (£74,950). Via Gear6 / TechEBlog.

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Zac Scooter

by FreshEffect on March 29, 2006


This scooter from Portugal is the latest in traveling. With capabilities of going 15 miles for one-hour this scooter can get you to point a to point be very nicely. Using two 12-volt rechargeable batteries and weighing only 176 pounds this baby will fill peoples needs. Price is only $475. Via Gizmodo.

USurfer Electric Skateboard

by Alexander on March 20, 2006

USurfer Electric Skateboard
Another fresh new way to get around town, the USurfer UM-70 charges in about 5 hours and travels at about 20 km/hr which is about 12 mph. It’ll run you about $900 US for this board. Info via Red Ferret / TechEBlog.

Bright Bike Folding Electric Bicycle

by Alexander on March 19, 2006

Bright Bike Folding Electric Bicycle
If you’re looking for a new and economical way to get around, you can get a Bright Bike. It’s kind of like an electric moped. It’ll run you about £750, which is about $1300 US. Info via Red Ferret.